Friday, March 18, 2011

the dancing fruit

It is friday. And that means I need to lighten this week up a little with a bit of a fun post! Being a friday it is usually the night people snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie with their loved ones. It is when the singles hit the town and do the pash and dash. Well not too sure if that happens, or if that is something I think about doing just for some shits and giggles! Or it is when you feel sorry for yourself and sit alone with a glass of wine and dream of mr right, or mrs right!

I have had the girl talk about boys to a few of my closest friends. There comes a time when you feel ready to share your happy self with the opposite sex. I feel I could dance with someone. Make them laugh. Make them happy. And in turn hopefully have all of that back.

A friend sent me the above quote. It is from The Notebook Doodles. My awesome, and I mean all kinds of awesome girlfriend, told me that she believed this is me, and an awesome guy will fill in the rest. She told me that I will cry when I read it. And that I did. I cried because it is me, and I cried to think that my friend sees this in me. I guess I am a little open and naked to my closest friends. And maybe to the world on here, but of course there is so much more to me than this blog!

I would like awesome. I would like all kinds of awesome. Does that mean I have to start parading myself? Now that sounds funny! But I guess that is what animals do. I would prefer to go about my life and hope for someone to notice me. But how do you notice someone without knowing about them? Knowing who the person truly is?

We shop online. What are your thoughs of placing yourself on a shelf to be picked and scanned? How do you put into words who you are? Words are not enough. How do you say who you are without sounding cheesy. I am not into competition. I would like to be the only piece of fruit on the shelf.

A few friends suggested online dating. What are your thoughts of being another piece of fruit on the shelf?

Personally..... I love to live life by the seat of my pants. I love to pack up my car, and just go. I love to breathe each day. Live with spontaenatity. Dance on my own. And one day have someone ask me to dance. With no words. No cheesy words. No competition. Go with the flow. And let life be what it is.

Time for wine.... and not feeling sorry for me. I have too much living to do. I am happy in my own skin and my own company!

do you want to dance?


  1. There are not too many people in my life who have had to look for a new partner (ie surprisingly, we are all with our first pick, lol). But the 2 friends that have been ready to move on have both found their new partners online. Both are doing really well. My sister was divorced (no kids), and my friend had broken up with her partner of 9 years and had a new baby. Give it a go.

  2. i think it's a great idea hayley. if you are clear about your personal boundaries and careful about taking your time to get to know someone, then i think it's a great tool for meeting people, not to mention practicing our flirting skills!

    love to see you dancing with someone, but you sparkle anyway miss hb.


  3. so many of my single friends are doing it. so many of them have been anti-dating sites. so many of them have found love and fun and happy dates and lots of laughs. some of them have had bad dates that are funny to talk about afterwards, some have had booty calls and some people have made good friends. if i was single, i would be hesitant, but i would do it. There may be other pieces of fruit on the shelf, but there is only one exactly like you. You will only be compared in the same was as you would, if you were in a room with a whole lot of other people, except this way you know (or hope) that they are all single and looking for a date.

    i think it is now a normal, and acceptable way to meet people, especially for those older than 25 or who aren't up to nightclubbing and doing the pash and dash (i love that you use that term too). i remember when it was weird and gawked at, but i think those days are long gone.

    I say DO IT! (if you want to)

  4. After I separated from my ex-husband I thought that maybe that would be it for me "love-wise", but that was OK as I was free and happy.

    And then I thought "hmmm, maybe a date every now and then would be good". So I went on-line and I met a guy.

    We fell in love, had a baby and got married in NYC...

    The on-line thing was a bit odd, but we connected, and he has made me so happy. Well, actually I learnt I had to make myself happy, so it's more like he's happy with me...



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