Monday, March 21, 2011

giving my voice

I did it. I took a deep breath and I emailed a lady that I have looked up to for a number of years, Hetty Johnston. She has a face that instantly makes you feel safe. Someone that is incredibly inspirational to me. Hetty Johnston is the face behind survivors of child abuse, Bravehearts. A woman that I have wanted to reach out to since finding my voice.

All of your comments, and emails have been encouraging to me. They have pushed me to reach out to help others. To do what I have always wanted to do. I thought it would be easy to an extent, but it was not as easy as what I thought. I saved myself. I did that with years of self preservation. Finding out who I truly am. What positive I can take out of my stolen childhood, and what I can pull out of myself to continue to survive. And to now be an awesome mum to my little people.

To help others is HUGE. It made me question myself. Question if I could be strong enough to give my strength to people that do not have it. I have strength. I have enough to go around. I also have a big heart, and I have survived what some do not. That is something I can share. There is enough of my heart to go around.

My life has taken a huge turn. A turn that is positive. I believe that I can help others. I believe I can give my strength to survivors that are frightened of using their own voice. I believe in myself. I believe in rescuing little people that are being abused. To rescue one. Just one little person would be a start. It is time to stop the pain, and start the healing process for those without a voice.

Child abuse is not a secret. It should never be a secret. To share, to talk, and to listen to others will spread awareness. Will save children. Will save adult survivors.

Brave. Yes I am. I am brave. I am braver than I ever thought I could be. {I am still frightened}.

I have healed.

(tomorrow I am not sure if I will blog. I need to process what I have done. I need to give myself some time. Run on the foot that I should not run on. Put my feet in the sand, dive into the ocean, and just be)


  1. Hi Hayley,

    I haven't commented on your last couple of posts here and on your 'other' blog, to be perfectly honest because I didn't know what to say without it coming across as contrived.

    I looked back at some of your other posts from 2009 -2010 and lady, you are amazing. Your sooooo positive, brave, full of life, funny a great mum and an inspiration to a great deal of people.

    Sock it to em Hayley x

  2. oh hayley, you are a brave & generous soul. i've never been the victim of abuse, but as a mummy & as a concerned member of our world, this all makes my heart hurt. i just clicked through to bravehearts, which i didn't even know about. i can't tell you what i wouldn't do to someone who hurt my child. love to you. x



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