Thursday, March 24, 2011

the coffee game

Coffee is rocking my world again. I even get to sit, and enjoy it with my little people. They love the whole cafe ambiance, and meeting other little people hanging out with their parents. Of course it is short lived, but it is a nice time. If I flick them a waffle there is more time. The joys of bribery. Something I never thought I would do as a mother.

People watching is a love of mine, and I soak up a lot of inspiration in cafes. Watching people, thinking about their lives, and talking to strangers. It feeds the creative head, or maybe that is coffee feeding it?

For the record, Taj is not about to run out the door in the image above. He runs to the wall, turns around and bolts towards me. It is his game. And it allows me to have sips of my coffee. Maybe it is my game!

Enjoy your coffee today.


  1. Love it Hayley...I just cranked up my machine for the morning latte ritual. Living 70kms from our nearest cafe I have convinced myself having a serious coffee machine is an essential requirement to get through the day!

  2. Hi, love your blog post – I started my day with a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar (another addiction) ; )

  3. I shall think of you later when I get to sip my nice coffee.

  4. oh, my dear...i wish you the same...;)...and also wish i could sit there with you and enjoy the australian sun...but spring is coming here...and it will be a wonderful day with a milk coffee and good thoughts...a big hug...take care...cheers and hugs...i...

  5. Love coffee & people watching, all the better when they are done simultaneously!! ps. also love popping in on your blog whilst drinking my coffee too!



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