Monday, March 14, 2011

my sister's wedding

I have no doubt most of you are hanging to see photos from the wedding of my sister. A day I will remember forever. A day I made my mum proud. A weekend full of smiles, laughter and a lot of tears. There is so much to share. For now I will share with you my favourite images, which speak for themselves.

I have a lot of emotion at the moment as I take in everything I have been through in a short period of time. I have received an immense amount of support from my dearest friends, and I cannot thank them enough for giving me their strength, and words that I hold close to my heart. You all rock my world!

Congratulations to my beautiful sister. We both walked with our mum. She held us so tight. Tight enough for us to get through a very emotional day. Thank you mumso. x


  1. Gorgeous Hayley! Your sister looked very beautiful and happy (as did you and Keely!) - you forgot one thing... was there dancing? And did Keely love it? xo

  2. Beautiful sweets - such beautiful images. You looked stunning as did your sister. I'm sure you did your mum proud - there isn't one reason why you wouldn't. I'm sure she loved being part of it too ;) Big hugs you sexy mumma!!!

  3. You and your sister looked gorgeous! What a lovely way to honour to Mum and what a special day this was for you both. Lots of beautiful memories I'm sure!

  4. Stunning, stunning, stunning! How beautiful you all looked! I am sure your Mum had a big smile x

  5. Beautiful wedding and bride. And you look stunning!!!!! I love your dress, it's so beautiful. And Keely looks sooooo cute!

  6. gorgeous!

    well done for being so strong x

  7. i am a sobbing mess reading this..
    you girls are absolutely beautiful & I am positive you have done your mum extremely proud.
    hugs ♥



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