Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a phone call...

And just like that I was offered a mother figure in my life.

Sometimes all good happens to us. This is the first time I have felt "all good." And now I know what it feels like to be blessed. Blessed with beautiful friendships.

Life is a little hard for me right now, in some areas. The good is taking over. I am training my heart to feel a little less heartache, and to build up more strength.

My mum would be proud.

How do I thank my friend, my best friend who is leaving the country in 3 weeks, and leaving me with the support of his mum. How can you tell them that their simple offering has filled a hole. Just the words poured a whole lot more love into my heart.

I am lucky. I am truly lucky. My life is all good. All kinds of awesome.

Thank you Matty. And thank you Matty's mum.

{It was only yesterday that I was at my doctors talking about the need for support. We were talking about the grandparent program, but unfortunately they are not taking on anymore people. My best friend did not even know. And just like that he made me grateful. Grateful for being blessed}.

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