Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a park mum?

I was never really a park mum. I preferred, (still prefer), to go to the beach and build castles, and go for walks and explore. Lately I have started to enjoy the park all over again, and so have my little ones.

We do not go to the park every day, it is something we do every now and then. I am the mum that does like to play with my little ones at the park, not just hang around and chat to other parents. I do a bit of that too, but I do also like to make sure they are safe and having a great time. Also there are moments where you have to join in the fun as there are no other children to play with. Be honest, you love a bit of a go on that slide too! It is a nice way for your little ones to climb and run around, and for you to let that inner child out for a little play!

I met a very close friend in our local park. Even though I class myself as not a park mum, I do have to be open to the idea of going from time to time. Plus it isn't all about me!

Are you a park mum, or dad?


  1. Park mum and beach mum. The boys like climbing the monkey ladders, slides, and other climbing equipement. Real boy stuff all this climbing. We go everyday.

  2. The beauty of living by the beach Hayley :)
    Every Friday we have Amalia's swimming lessons at South Cronulla complex. Most summer days we then stay and play at the beach, its generally really calm, perfect for little kids to play along the waters edge. Through winter though, we walk a short distance along The Esplanade, grab morning tea at our fav cafe Ally Break, and then on to the play equipment in North Cronulla Park - It is by far the best park in Cronulla, if not the Shire, and perfect for little people too, my 2 year old has taught himself how to climb the equipment and go backwards down the slide (there are 4 slides to choose from) - you guys should take a trip down here one day - we are generally there every Friday :)

  3. Hayley I am within 5 mins walking distance of two little parks and we usually head down to one or the other a couple of times a week. Poppy will normally take her scooter and if we go by the bay there are often pelicans to see and lots of other things happening on the water.

  4. Im a bit of an everything mum! Whatever works for that day. Some weeks its a run of park visits, other weeks its more walks and adventures. I just love spending time with Olivia. Having said that Olivia loves the park the most!

  5. I can't wait to be a park mum, Charlie is a little to young and the weather to cold but come summer we will be there slipping and sliding and rocking around. Enjoy your day thanks for your great blog.

  6. No, I am not. I think once my youngest is a little older, I will be happier at the park (she is 18 months at the moment). But we also have to travel a fair distance to get to decent parks - ie we have to drive. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to the park....
    But yes, the play equipment at North Cronulla is great!! Love Ally Break too.... of course that is one of the places we have to drive to get to...

  7. Confession - I am not a park mum. We usually go at least once a week and there are beautiful parks near us. But I am lazy and a cafe-bookstore mum all the way! Fortunately the Baby Space toddler enjoys cafes and having a babycino and a cookie 'with dots' (smarties). Having said that, tomorrow we're going to the park to do some activities with the Big Yellow Bus. Have you heard of it? It travels around to different parks in Sydney providing activities for toddlers and preschoolers...good fun.

  8. No but I am a park Aunt !!! I love taking my nephews and niece to the park. We have a ball.
    Thanks for your beautiful blog. I visit every day and I just adore your photos. You really are an amazing woman and mother.



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