Monday, June 7, 2010

craft monday :: making cards

I have to say this has been my favourite craft I have done with Keely. Yes the balloon face is up there with fun, but this one was my favourite. I also feel it was Keely's favourite too as the craft does not end until someone else receives it. I am talking about cards. We made our own cards. They can be anything Keely wants them to be. She can use them for people just because she feels like giving them something special or she can use them for birthday cards.

I went to Pulp to purchase all of the elements Keely would need to make the cards and I surprised her with her little creative package on saturday. She was so excited to see there were blank cards inside and she could decorate them. To my delight she asked me to help her, and she gave me half of the cards. (Although I only did two as I wanted her to have a spare one to do at a later date).

Keely made her first card for a boy from her pre school. He is having a party next weekend and they are going ten pin bowling! Now that will be a fun party! I am sure he will appreciate his lovely handmade card by his friend.

The second card Keely made was for a girl. She does not know who it is for yet, but she made it for a special girl. I made my first one for a girl too and that girl is very special. I will be giving it to her this week. The second card I made is for Keely to use and give to someone she chooses.

Keely was very happy when I told her to decorate her envelopes. She matched each envelope perfectly. Her handmade cards are ready to be used.

The best thing about these cards is her creativity does not stop. Once she is using one of the cards she can draw a picture on the inside and write a little message.

If you do not have a special shop like Pulp in your area you can always use cuttings from magazines and collect ribbons and wrapping paper from gifts you receive. Add to your craft boxes and you will be surprised over time you will have a lot of elements your little people can use to create their own handmade cards.

Enjoy making your handmade cards!


  1. These are great! I started collecting ribbons etc a few months ago and my little collection is growing. My daughter turned 3 a few weeks ago but still seems too young for alot of craft projects you feature here but i'm keeping note of them and can't wait to do them with her. What age did Keely really get the hang of craft? Right now my girl just likes playing with the glue and making a big mess!

  2. Hi Jade! By the time your little one is ready you will have a fabulous collection for her craft box! Keely played with her glue too when she was 3. They do stop after a while.

    I think I did most of the craft when Keely was 3. You can make playdoh that is always fun. Keely did a lot of colouring in and painting for that year. I will do something with Keely that you will be able to do with your little one. I have a great fun craft for next week. I am sure she will be able to do it with your help.

    I will do a craft especially for your little one!

    Take care

  3. Keely made some very pretty cards, very impressive. I use to make and sell handmade cards they are so much fun to make!

  4. It is a wonderful craft to share with your kids.

    My two (now 12 and nearly-8) both still love to sit up to the table and create their own cards - it's especially great on cold, wet days.

    Not only have I helped them to learn the value of handmade, it's also wonderful to see the joy on my kids faces when the receiver of the card comments on how wonderful it is to get such a special and thoughtful handmade card.


  5. i lurve making handmade cards, they are the best fun! can't wait for summer to get to the age where we can do it together like you and keely have. just gorgeous! xx

    ps :: you're looking gorgous as always =)

  6. She made some gorgeous cards! I sit down with my 4yo son and do his "scrapbooking" which involves stickers and pictures of cars. Crafting with young kids is great fun.

  7. Her cards are great! I bet she's going to be so happy when she receives her card from you in the mail. I love that it gave you an excuse to go to Pulp. xx

    PS. Did you see the sun this morning? I didn't sleep through it this time. Phew!

  8. What a fun craft! I can't need to try this with Kenzie!



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