Thursday, June 10, 2010

battles with little people

Do you have battles with your little ones that you just know you cannot win, or more that you do not have the energy to win? I am surprised at how a little person can win and make me back down. How can someone that is 4 years old make me buckle at my knees sometimes?

Over the weekend I had one of those battles with Keely. It is cold here now in Sydney. We did have some sun on saturday to kick off our weekend, which was lovely after all of our rain. Keely insisted she wore her thongs.

Her argument to me was that she had not worn them for a long time. Of course I tried to explain to her that thongs are for summer when it is hot and your feet will not get cold. I know she knows the different seasons and what they all mean for the temperature. But this was a battle I could not win without showing her and proving to her that you cannot wear thongs in winter.

I have no doubt this won't be the last time she pulls those thongs out for winter. I feel we have to choose our battles. This one was one I knew would not hurt her and really was doing me no harm. In the end she really won, (if there are any winners), as the morning was beautiful. It was cold, but with the sun beaming on her bare feet she was not cold.

Keely = 1
mumma = 0

Do you have battles you do not want to play?

I am playing one today. Keely has dress as your favourite book character. She had no dress ups, just a pair of wings and a wand. She wanted "real" dress ups. Off we went to the toy store, where I tried so hard to get her to want the feather wings to wear with her gorgeous pettiskirt, but she wanted cinderella. Mum said yes while wiping the tears, and then said on one condition, they are only worn at school for dress ups, for parties that have a theme for princesses and at home.

Keely = 2
mumma = 1

She looks beautiful, my princess.


  1. Yep, I have those battles all the time with my son (will be 5 this weekend). I can't stand licensed clothing (Ben 10 etc). I started off saying I would never buy them, ever. That moved to, only pj's and underwear (ie wouldn't be seen by others). Now we are at, "I will only buy it if you ONLY wear it to daycare - nowhere else". Looking forward to school uniforms next year.....

  2. yes, Jack has decided he doesn't want to wear clothes. So he runs around even outside in this cold weather, nude. I get too exhausted with all the screaming from him so if we're at home I let him. When he goes to preschool or for an outing, well I have a right royal struggle. My neighbours must think we're torturing the child, his screams are so scary. We're off to pick up Luke at preschool now and i've decided to let him go shoeless, can't win every battle.

  3. Hayley, I really shouldn't laugh but oh yes do I understand what it's like to battle with an almost-4-year old! The other day I managed a compromise - Poppy wore the Levis denim jacket I had just bought her and her cute Minti dress that I wanted her to wear and she topped it off with her gawdy looking dress-up tiara!!
    Just this weekend she emerged from her bedroom wearing black and grey tights, red tutu, an aqua coloured top, numerous hair clips and a tiara - ready to go the supermarket with her dad!! She thought she looked beautiful I didn't have the heart to make her change her outfit.
    I look at it this way - it's all part of their self expression and it sure is amusing to watch :)

  4. Hayley, I definitely have those battles! I have had so many this week in fact! Kenzie got a Cinderella Dress too just recently from my parents. Now she won't take it off. She wants to wear it every were we go. Morning, noon and night! She even has the Cinderella high- heeled slippers to go with it. She of course has to wear those as well with the dress!

    I know this is horrible but I have had to bribe her to get her to take the dress and shoes off. My little one definitely won this battle though.

  5. he he he. sorry Hayley, but I had to laugh.

    we have those battles too.

    I also have a firm rule - no dress ups out of the house!

  6. Oh dear...can totally relate to all of the comments...we have 4, 6 and 12 year old...hate to be the bearer of bad news but still having the same battles with my 12 year old daughter....gotta love those hormones too!!!



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