Monday, June 28, 2010

craft monday :: finger prints

A few weeks ago when I went and bought the elements for Keely to make her cards I also bought Keely this special little finger print kit. I thought it would come in handy on a weekend, or a weekday when I was not organised enough to get some craft together, or I was too busy. Too busy sounds awful, but lets be honest, we are busy being mums and dads.

The finger print kit includes the ink for the finger prints, stickers to make up their hair, clothing and accessories, the cards that have the scenes mapped out, and the envelopes to put your finished cards in.

Keely was in her element. I showed her the stickers and what they all were. I showed her the cards with little people on them, or animals. I showed her the ink for her finger print. And she showed me how to do it! I was really impressed with the way she just got into it and pretty much finished the whole kit full of cards and stickers.

I love the quirky designs and the fun people and animals you can make. It is nice also to now go away with these ideas and to create your own finger people and animals. You do not need one of these kits to produce a fun picture with your little ones. You can use paints, instead of the ink and you can use anything from your craft boxes to use as hair, clothing, or ears etc. for animals. The imagination is endless!

This is a great rainy day craft, and one that will make painting a lot more interesting. I am sure I will be using this idea with Keely again soon and she can use the things she has in her craft box.

I included lots of images for this craft activity, as I loved every expression Keely had on her face. She was very impressed with herself!

Enjoy making little scenes with your little ones!

You can buy the finger print kits at Pulp Creative Paper.... online!


  1. Oh my god. How much fun does that look? Seriously, I don't think you need to be a kid to enjoy this – it would be loads of fun to make one of those kits too.

    Keely is looking super cute, very impressed with herself indeed. xx

  2. Love this, will have to drive to Manly this week to get some for the boys, I want to pop by Pulp Life at the same time.
    Hope your having a happy day.

  3. Omigosh - love the look of that kit! Am off to snaffle one up right now. Thanks for the tip :)

  4. Have you guys tried Ed Emberley books? I think you would absolutely love them! The cheapest place to buy is book depository, their in the UK but free international shipping

  5. thanks belinda.... I just bought 6 books! cannot wait to get them xx



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