Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy weekend

This weekend is going to be lovely. It is my birthday tomorrow and I am going to be celebrating with my two beautiful children. Today Keely and I are making chocolate mousse for my mummy birthday cake and we are going present shopping in my shop, Pulp Life. Keely really wanted to make a cake out of the children's cake book, and she really wanted to take me to Mimco to buy me a red love heart headband. She assures me I will love it and it will be lovely as she can wear it too! I must say she is good, she really is becoming one smart little girl when it comes to fashion!

Keely picked gorgeous gerberas this week and she chose them especially for me. Pink is her favourite colour and red is mine.

I am not sure if there will be much time for craft this weekend, but I am sure we can share part of the birthday celebrations on monday instead. Can I class cooking as craft? Well I guess to some it is a craft, and I think anytime spent with my daughter is a special time, if it be holding a paint brush, or holding a wooden spoon, either one is special.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Happy BIrthday Hayley! Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned to celebrate.

  2. Happy birthday Hayley! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family - your plans sound like my kind of weekend - Keely's got the right idea! So have a beautiful day lovely,
    Allison xx

  3. Happy Birthday Hayley! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)



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