Tuesday, June 29, 2010

beautiful friendships

I had a beautiful weekend, seeing new friends, that now feel like old friends. You know when it gets to that level of friendship where you feel like you can tell them anything, and there is no judgement. It is nice when they have the same trust in you, and when this happens you know you have an old friend, no longer a new friend.

My sunday morning was spent in another part of town with a dear friend, Anna and her little Rosie. We went to the cutest cafe, their cafe, and we had a very yummy mushroom dish for breakfast and Taj enjoyed a homemade muffin. I could not decide between that and the homemade banana bread, which was lovingly made in cute little loaves. I had a coffee made with love and a great chat.

Not only are we great friends, but Taj has a new girlfriend! Well, as Anna said, it is time for an arranged marriage.... can we do that?! I think looking at the images and the moments they had we can! Taj squished Rosie's face and gave her the biggest man cuddles and smooches. Rosie took it all in her stride, like a complete natural.

We had a nice walk to the park for Taj to burn off some of his hormones, while Rosie slept the cafe moment away. We found the most divine cat on the way to the park, which we all wanted to take home. But on the way home we realised he flirts with everyone that walks past, so we decided he can be there the next time we come for a play at the park. He is our park cat.

I am glad I ventured over the other side of the little bridge for a beautiful morning with old friends.


  1. Oh man, I would *heart* one of those BIG Taj hugs, they look incredible!

    Thanks for sharing a little peek into your beautiful day.

    And the coffee art, LOVES!


  2. I love this - I love beautiful time with friends, old and new!

  3. That is too cute about Taj's new Girlfriend!

    Rachelle xo

  4. Lovely post Hayley. I feel exactly the same and couldn't have said it better myself! xx

    PS. We are SO doing the arranged marriage thing!

  5. taj and rosie would make a very cute couple!

    glad you got to catch up. blogs are a bit like that, aren't they? i guess you read about someone so much you feel like you 'know' them already.

    is it wrong to feel a little jealous that two of my favourite bloggers got to meet up without me? :)

  6. Look how lovely and gentle your little boy is...what a big softie! xxx

  7. So gosh darn cute! What a beautiful moment that you've captured. Taj kisses people like my Sebastian does. Other people are taken aback by his gregarious affection (he gets it from his Papa) which is readily spread.



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