Friday, June 4, 2010

girl time :: shelly beach

I speak about my times with Taj quite a bit. I guess it is because Keely goes to preschool 3 days a week and I have Taj to myself on the sunday. This week I decided there will be a day each week where it is all about the girls. More then the time spent when Taj has his sleep. This is time where Keely has me all to herself.

Keely overheard me talking to Simon about it and asking him when was a good time to fit it in this week. She rushed over to us and told me that now was a good time and we should go and have 'mummy keely' time right now. How could we say no! So off the two girls went.

Tuesday morning was lovely, sun was out and there was no rain around. We jumped in the car and drove to Manly. Keely had her bike and I had my walking feet on. We walked, rode and talked all the way to Shelly Beach. Keely popped off her bike and we walked up to the top and over the other side. We saw surfers and a lot of water. Keely and I had a little bush walk and then walked across the newly groomed Shelly Beach.

It was a lovely morning and one we will do again next week. I have a lot of lovely things in my head that we can do together. I know if it is a nice day we will do the same next week. If the weather is not so good we will browse the shops, as Keely loves to shop. We will also go to the movies, but I am saving that one for my birthday, when we will see Shrek together. I feel so lucky to have this time with both of my little people, and it is nice to share it with all of you. I do apologise for the iphone images, but at the same time they are quite cool. I have images of my mum with her mother when she was about 7 at Manly beach and they are similar quality in black and white. It is nice to rewrite history.

Enjoy your weekend if you are not popping back tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful, I too need to schedule in some 1 on 1 with the bigger kid. Love the iphone images they have that dreamy/old school/lomo quality x

  2. Aaaw cute pics. I love that you guys do this stuff. Lucky you got some sun – there hasn't been much around! xx

    PS. I love the pics of Keely on the POLKA style spotter comp – very cool.



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