Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the just because

As you would know from the craft monday post I made one of my cards for a special girl. That special girl is Keely.

Everyday I check the mailbox Keely asks me if there is something in there for her. My answer is 98% of the time no. My heart melts when I say this simple two letter word to her. She does not ask for much when it comes to something for her. She even thinks the catalogues, (junk mail), that are filled with toys or anything kids is for her. She calls them her magazines.

Yesterday Keely received her card. All perfectly placed in the mailbox by Taj. I loved seeing her face when she realised it was the card I made for a special girl. I wrote her a lovely note inside too. I wanted her to know how proud I am of her with how she is eating bananas. They maybe mixed with milk and honey, but they are still one full banana. You have to love a smoothie! This is huge for Keely as she did not eat any fruit. Now she has had 4 bananas in one week.

This will not be the last time I write to her and pop something in the mail for her. I think this could be our thing.

You should give it a try. Pop something in the mail for your little ones, or a lovely friend, or a family member. The just because cards or letters are always the best.


  1. OMG. You are SUCH a fantastic mother ! .. I wrote my babies a letter on their birthday for the first few years .. .then let it slide.. I will definitely be reinstating this ! .. you are such an inspiration xxx

  2. Aww, what a lovely idea, I bet it made Keely's day.

  3. i love reading your blog and this post especially made me smile:)

    what a lovely way to share our special message to the family...


  4. "I love you" notes left on the pillow are big in our house.
    So glad Keely enjoyed getting her card. And congrats on the bananas!!

  5. I agree!! my 4 yr old puts her drawings in the letterbox as a surprise for us..well, she also puts in leaves aswell :)

  6. This is beautiful and reminds me why I insisted working from home and around the childrens schedules. I try to do something special for my children when I can, and you have inspired me to do something nice for them this week as they do little plays a school and accomplish another level of reading words. Thank you for the moments reflection x

  7. Hayley, what a beautiful thoughtful special wondrous thing to do for your very special girl! I loved reading this, it made my heart smile : ) I will be sure to do the same for my little princess when she's a little older, I can't wait to see her face light up!

  8. WHAT an AMAZING Mother you are!!?! You truly are!!! I have written notes to my son whilst pregnant with him and also in his special baby book but never thought to do it now!!! I know my son is not yet 2 but I love this idea!!! I bet Keely keeps the card for life....your love always there in words for her to see how special x

  9. oh, this is a sweet idea, dear...and i can see how wonderful it has been for your little girl and you...just so cute and emotional...thanks for sharing...wish you a great creative and mabye a little sunny week...cheers and hugs...i...

  10. SUCH a sweet idea - I may have to copy you!!! MaggieX

  11. Hi Hayley, this idea is sooo sweet. I love it! My little girl hasn't yet discovered that letters can be addressed to her but I will make sure that she does soon :-) thanks for the inspiration! Flavia



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