Saturday, June 5, 2010

black and white storm

I don't usually pop in over the weekend, but I really wanted to put these images of Taj and I up on the blog from yesterday. They are black and white images taken with the hipstamatic app on my iphone.

We were dodging the rain yesterday, and trust me there was not much time without the rain. We were lucky enough to grab some time to jump out of the car at Freshwater beach and have a quick toddle and explore on the beach. Taj found a rock on the way down and he wanted to throw it in the water.

To my surprise a man came running from the surf club in his very attractive blue and white striped swimmers. The water temperature is still quite nice, but the wind was howling directly from the east, and it would have been cold once he was wet. But I must say it is nice to see people still brave the weather. There were also two lonely surfy girls trying to catch very unridable waves, but their giggles and screams were fun!

All up it was a beautiful moment we had down the beach and it was great fun to watch our hair blow around in the wind and then the rain come directly from the east and mummy try to run back to the car without getting too wet.

The sun was out today and we had a lovely day. I captured a rainbow late this afternoon on my iphone. It was a complete rainbow. A shame I did not have my eos with me to capture the full rainbow.

I hope you are enjoying your weekends!


  1. Hey there Hayley - just wanted to pop in when I saw your pics to say I'm loving the hipstamatic too - thanks for the tip!

  2. Loving that app Hayley! There's something quite spectacular about the beach on a stormy day and your photos capture it beautifully.

  3. How spectacular was that rainbow? I'm going to go and download that app for my iphone now.

    Lovely pictures as always. I especially love the one of your feet ;)


  4. Just awesome!! I am wanting an iphone JUST for the hipstamatic app!!! as I don't always have my camera on me it would be great to be able to capture the everyday moments :) Love your rainy day series, Sarah X

  5. Lovely atmospheric photos of the rainbow. There is nothing quite like being at the beach during a storm.



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