Friday, June 25, 2010

hopes and dreams

It is somewhat comforting to know how many mums, and also dads feel the same with parenting. There are many different ways to bring up your children, but when it comes down to it we all just want what is best for our little people. We may do things the same, we may do them differently but we all want the same outcome.

I know for me I want two happy and healthy children. I want them to have confidence within themselves and have hope and dreams. Something we should all still have as parents too. I know I am personally just finding my feet with my hope and dreams. It is nice to be at a part in my life where I can honestly say that I am ready for me too now. I am ready to have some hopes and dreams, just like we did as children, and even growing up before we met our first loves.

Here we are, a friday. The hardest day of my week. I am not sure why it is. Well the day is good, I love my friday hanging out with Taj and catching up with friends. But when it comes to the evening I feel lonely. I feel a little empty. This seems to be the one night of the week where it would be nice to have a conversation. So what does one do to stop tears streaming down my face? I hire a chick flick. And I have hope and dreams.

I am now ready to start the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. and you can always chat with me ;) Enjoy your day sweets. xo

  2. I hope today is amazing for you, enjoy the giggles & cuddles & relax with a good chick flick.
    happy weekend Hayley ♥

  3. I treasure my Friday nights alone. I make sure I have something nice for dinner (it is my one night that the children eat on their own before me and I have whatever I want) and a nice drink, perhaps some nibblies for after. I veg on the couch with something to watch and paint my toenails and tell myself it is my relaxing award for making it through another tough week. Its all about attitude Hayley, and you have a great one! xo

  4. When I was a single mum I found Friday nights when my child was at home to be hard. Not sure if being single is your reason - but it was mine! That's the night when I'd be imagining couples getting ready to spend the weekend together, or it's 'date night' (as I used to call it) for those with less responsibilities.
    But I think a chick flick and nice grown up dinner is a great idea!
    And as my partner is off on a surfing trip I think I might do the chick flick and dinner idea myself :)
    Keep dreaming Hayley and have a beautiful Friday night!

  5. And if the chick flick doesn't work try Twilight (the book not the movie), 35 and obsessed, I'd be happy for Edward to keep me company any Friday night ! Enjoy

  6. I would love nothing more than when my children get a little older for Friday night to be our movie night and something they look forward to too. We will make pizza, popcorn etc and hang out together, that thought makes me smile!

  7. a chick flick is pretty much my standard friday night.. with or without the husband :) watched 'love happens' this weekend.. not great, but ok.. you know.. there's always something to get out of a chick flick, even if it's just the interiors. watched 'girls of girlfriends past' last week. again, not great, but i still enjoyed it. x captn



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