Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my birthday shopping :: pulp life

I have to share my fun birthday present shopping experience that we had over the weekend. I knew I wanted Keely to buy me something for my birthday, but I did not want a love heart headband so I took her to Pulp Life and I told the lovely Nicky my budget. I walked around the shop loving everything. Seriously I could have taken it all home. I don't think there was a thing I didn't like! (Remember, I did say in a previous post this is my shop).

I disappeared to the cafe next door to get the little ones a smoothie each after a big bike ride, and I left Keely to choose pressies for me. I returned to find Nicky and Keely wrapping a really big box and decorating a cute little gift tag for me.

I managed to find the vintage glasses and I came home with a pair. I am not sure what I will do with them, but I am thinking I may see how much it is to put some lenses in them and turn them into sunglasses. Or they can be my funny glasses. I might put them on when I am feeling sad and want to be happy. I actually love them! What do you think? Be honest!

Keely bought me the most divine cushion to go on my bed, a modern lamp and a red felt deer keyring, (the real little kid gift - got to love them)! I am going to share these gifts in more detail when I finish my bedroom.

I have a few projects on the go in our home and with a busy little pinwheel life and a sick child it has been a bit hard to complete them. I know once it all comes together it will be a really lovely home for us. I may have to share soon and do a mood board for the other elements I will eventually have in the rooms. (Now that sounds like fun)!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time...I was in there last week and bought three flying geese (the green color)...love the idea of having flying geese motif on the wall!!!! Plan to do a post when I get them up! Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. What a great birthday! I love the idea of taking your little one to your favourite shop and letting them pick something (very clever!)

    I can't wait to finally go and see this shop. I have to wait until I'm armed with a wad of cash. It'll be too heartbreaking to leave empty handed!


  3. And you found MY BAGS!!!! thank you Hayley, you're fantastic!
    Your birthday sounds so great, I love the sound of the presents Keely chose and I must try your mousse!
    Happy Birthday again.

  4. Hi..where is Pulp Life? Is it the one on Pittwater Rd or Sydney Rd? My mother in law got some new sunglass lenses put into her glasses for about $80 somewhere in Manly..apparently that was cheaper than a lot of other places had quoted.

    What a fantastic idea! A win-win for all x

  5. Hi Bianca! Yes pittwater road, where the pulp creative used to be, and pulp creative is on sydney road. x

    Jacqui, yes I found them! I spotted them before Nicky said anything to me. They are in a good spot. x

  6. I love your day. I love you glasses. I love you family.


    Buggie has a Mee a Bee bag, she *hearts* it so much!

  7. I also spotted the Mee A Bee bags! Happy belated birthday Hayley, it looks like you had a lovely day. I think the glasses would make excellent sunnies :)



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