Friday, June 11, 2010

friendships made

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about my wish to expand my friend network. From this post I received an overwhelming response, with comments and emails sent. I really should not be surprised at how many women and even men feel the same about friendship networks. If you are a parent or not, it seems to be hard to build when you get older. Not that we are old of course, but when you leave the education system, or when we become parents, or when we leave and start new jobs, or relocate to a new hometown.

I am glad I stood up and said I would like some new friends to add to my already lovely group of friends I have. From initially feeling like a bit of a loser I am now feeling a lot more like a winner. My week last week was full of coffee, walking and talking dates. I have met some amazing and beautiful friends, the kind of friends you feel like you have known forever. Lucky me.

I also received a fun gift in the mail from one of my close friends. She is a beautiful and inspiring friend that I have made from having little pinwheel. She sent me the cutest little tea cannister full of some "Warrior" black tea. This tea is for when you need to go forth and conquer. This tea was sent after I wrote the post on friends. Last weekend I drank some of my warrior tea and I read my new Donna Hay magazine. There are many other teas in this collection and you can check them out here...... yummy mummies and mini me

In return, not that you have to give in return, I wrote my lovely girlfriend a little note and popped it in the mail for her. I bought some A5 paper from Pulp last week and some quirky stickers to make up some little notes for little pinwheel customers. There are times when I need to write a bit more then what a cute post-it note will hold, and I am not that into letterheads. I love the personal touch of cute and lovely stationery, and I thought it was perfect for a little note to my friend for her to know I care so much back.

Thank you for all of your comments with finding friends. I know I have made a great bunch of new friends just from writing about this. Once I get the all clear to start yoga, (it was confirmed yesterday with an xray I have fractured one of my ribs), I will start doing something that is just for me. I am not sure if this will allow me to meet more people, but I am very open to it. I think we have friends everywhere, you just have to find that everywhere. I know I won't make one at playgroup! Although I already have one of my lovely friends there, and next week I am baking!

Have you met a friend in a place you thought you could not make friends?

I know mine has been the online world. I did not think it was possible to make friends through typed words and phone conversations. And I have been proved wrong.


  1. so a honest and lovley post, dear...i´m so glad to meet you here in the BloggerWorld...and for me you are like a good friend although we are still not met in are so near to me and this is a wonderful feeling...thanks so much for your inspiring words...always and ever...have a great weekend with your love ones...cheers and hugs...i...

  2. PS. Did I write fried? Sorry – typo!!

  3. I have indeed made a fried in the online world! She's a pretty cool lady too!


  4. Lovely post Hayley, so glad you are making friends in the real and blog world. You seem like such a great person to know I live in Sydney (Upper North Shore) with two boys similar in age to yours if you ever want to catch up. I enjoy reading about your story so would be honoured to meet in person.

  5. A fractured rib!? Boo. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend...and are feeling better soon.



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