Thursday, June 10, 2010

my style featured on style milk

As mums and even dads we do our best to feel good about ourselves on the inside and the outside. We all like to have the cliche' yummy mummies name attached to us. The name that I feel has changed over the years. The meaning is so much more and it is no longer the mum that is divine in what she wears and her personal appearance on the outside. There is a lot more to it now and I feel a yummy mummy is that mum that feels good from the inside.

Trust me I see it everyday on my travels and I am sure you do too. There are mothers that are incredibly attractive, even when they have have bits of food on them, hair going everywhere, comfy trackies and trainers on, because they are shining from the inside. A yummy mummy is not that mum that is wearing stilleto hills and has makeup on.

I have been given a yummy mummy title over at Style Milk, with my personal fashion style, or throw it together and hope for the best wardrobe! I am shining from the inside. Sometimes I am shining and screaming at the same time, but I am smiling! Come and check out Jen's fun blog about style, little people and all things lovely. {Jen is one stylish mum}!


  1. loved reading your thoughts here in this post on yummy mummies. there can be so much negativety drawn to the saying. i think you sum it up perfectly!

    i was walking out of swimming lessons recently and i have a bag that was handmade for me and has "yummy mummy" stitched on it. one of the dad's was walking behind me and i heard him say to his daughter, "you have a yummy mummy too don't you. and you have a delicious daddy". that comment made me smile such a big smile. yummy mummy and delicious daddy are nicknames that make us feel warm and loved!

    also loved reading jen's post on your style. you do grey, black and white so well! i would love to see you in pink one day. i know you don't do pink, but i would love to see you in it, just something small, maybe a scarf or an under layer... =P

  2. You ARE a yummy mummy from the inside out. And I'm totally with you on the colour schemes, I've lost count of how many different grey tee shirts and tops I own. Grey, black and white never fail do they? (Don't mind a bit of navy blue in there too...) xx

  3. You do have a great style Hayley. I'm envious, at 36 and after close to four years of being "mummy" I still don't have a style!



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