Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the return to playgroup

Yesterday we ventured over to our playgroup. We have not been for a long time. I used to take Keely all the time, then I had Taj, and his sleeps were at the wrong times to fit in playgroup so we gave it a miss. They had an open day yesterday and with Taj now sleeping a little later we gave it a go. We still had to leave 15 minutes early, but it was still enough time to enjoy all of the activities. (I felt like the mum that turns up, eats the morning tea, and then goes home without helping).

Taj enjoyed himself so much playing with the cars, cooking, exploring little homes, doing his first painting, and eating his morning tea.

Keely had a ball. She always loved playgroup, and you could tell she had played the game before as she was right into everything. Keely also did a painting, played on the cars, and explored little homes. She did not eat the morning tea for the little ones, but did ask if she could have some of the treats on the parents table. Mum ventured over with miss fussy eater and started to give her a piece of bun, when a mum sitting a seat away from us told me this was for the parents only! I was in trouble the first day back! I then explained my fussy eater and said that she can have a bit of mine. I felt a little judged, but I can understand it is to stop all the other little ones wanting the good stuff.

It was a success all the same. I did turn up late due to fixing an internet error I had, then I managed to get myself in trouble, and I brought along 2 bananas which were not needed, and I left early and didn't help set up or pack up. My little people had a great time, and considering the my morning I did too. Next week I will be early to set up, and I will bring something different besides bananas. Maybe something for the parents.... I could bake and become the good mum!

Keely and I baked some wholemeal date and walnut scones while Taj slept for 3 whole hours. Thank you to my lovely friend Anna for the recipe. You can find it on her blog, Rummey Bears. Mine turned out a little less plump due to Keely helping and overworking the dough. But I was not going to stop her from enjoying herself. They still taste really great and we enjoyed one each for afternoon tea.

We finished the day with a bike ride, and pram ride to the shops to collect our flowers for the week. All Keely wanted was pink flowers. Keely and I also picked some movies for the week, as it is two for tuesday. I made myself get some so I could take some time for me this week. We had our toddle down the beach where I met the most beautiful french family. I have made another new friend!

Iced coffee for mum, run around with some friends for the little ones and a good chat with a lovely mum.Perfect finish to our day.


  1. You are way braver than me taking on playgroup! Next time you go though you can take your yummy shortbread - we made it last week and it was simply scrumptious!

  2. Yay for making new friends Hayley! I never managed to get into playgroup, SO many rules to follow.

  3. I was a dismal failure at playgroup Hayley...good for you for going back but don't continue to go if it's not good for all of you!

  4. What a fun packed day. If you did that everyday you just might sleep away your weekends, *PHEW*. I love seeing your babies smiling faces.

  5. I can't believe you got into trouble at playgroup! That's something I would probably do. Glad to hear you guys had lots of fun though – and I'm impressed at your self control with the scones. I usually eat about 3 in one sitting! x

  6. tut tut tut Hayley lol..kidding ! Ive never been to playgroup but Im a bit scared of it tbh...Id be nervous ! Thanks for the scone recipie link... yum !

  7. hmmm why can't the parents and kids all eat the same food??

  8. my thoughts exactly bianca! I think there are a lot of rules, sometimes too many. But I am looking at the big positive and the kids had a great time and I had so much fun playing with them and watching them play. I will return next week with my own morning tea for them, and something baked for the parents. brownie points!!



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