Saturday, June 5, 2010

happy weekend

We have a wet weekend ahead of us, although I am seeing blue sky. Sydney has been having a bit of a down pour and it has been a few days of gumboot wearing and some splashing in the puddles. I also had my umbrella almost blow away yesterday. I picked the wrong moment to get out of the car. I wish someone had taken a photo of me so I could share how incredibly silly I looked. Although thinking with my gumboots I didn't look too silly; I was a drowned rat with some styling shiny grey wellies on.

I stopped by Pulp yesterday to pick up some craft supplies for out craft project today. I am really looking forward to this one and it is going to be fun for Keely. I also picked up another craft idea for another week, and something for me too of course! I will share that little something next week.

Keely did not pick fresh flowers for our week today as our flowers she picked last friday are going really well and look amazing. The tiger lilies have just started to flower and the orchids are still looking delicate and divine. The smell in our home is lovely from the mixture of the newly blossomed tiger lilies to the full load of washing hanging inside!

Our weekend will still be lovely. The rain does not stop me and I must say to all you mum and dads, you need to get yourself a pair of gumboots. Even those women and men without children that still like to venture out. They are the best purchase I have made and I have worn them a lot in the past week!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends.

{update: we are enjoying some sunshine! yay for the weather man being wrong}!


  1. hello dear,
    i´m back from a long time of being offline...was so refreshing and its so fine to read through all your lovley are so right to enjoy all weather in germany we wait for the summer and mabye this weekend it will be come out...;)...have a great, creative and inspiring weekend with your wonderful family...cheers and hugs...i...

  2. Lucky you getting some sunshine!! lots of rain drops here - will be on the look out for some funky gumboots ;)

  3. gumboot advice please!! i have flat feet and can't wear many fashionable styles, but i looove gumboots! what do you recommend?? tali

  4. Hi Tali,

    I love my pip ducks. They are fabulous puddle splashing and comfort wearing boots. They have a removable innersole that you would be able to replace with arch supporting innersoles. I am not up with support for flat feet, but these are comfy boots. They have a slight arch already in them. you can buy them online at

    I hope this helps! You can get slimmer boots in other brands, but I have always had a thing for pip ducks and they are the traditional fitting gumboots.

    hope you get your boots!

    take care, H



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