Wednesday, June 16, 2010

girl time :: headland bush walk

For our girls only moment Keely and I went on a "bush walk." (This is what Keely calls any walk that involves a bit of nature). There is a beautiful walk very close to where we live and it is perfect for her little legs. It is right up on the headland and you can see for miles out to sea.

All week we couldn't manage to work out a good time for Keely and to get together on our own. It was early sunday morning when I decided I would call Simon and see if we could swap little ones for the morning. Keely came back home and off we went for out time, and Taj went off to have time with his daddy.

There is so much to see on our walk from quirky signs, to swings in trees. We had a beautiful time walking around the top of the cliff face, finding beautiful flowers along the way.

There is one house up on the headland that I have always found interesting. You think it would be out of place with its Greek Island look, but it fits nicely into its surrounding green vines and bushy trees. It is not my kind of home, but I quite like the feeling it gives me. It is fresh with being white and it brings happiness with its bold royal blue and cute red gate.

Keely sung me songs along the way; a very cute one about the sun coming out from behind a cloud and creating a rainbow. I loved how she skipped along and held my hand, while singing to me. These are themoments I am holding on to with our time together, just her and me.

When we came out the other end they were doing the sunday swimming at our local pool. I love seeing all the old guys laughing and having a great time with good friends. We completed our time together with a banana smoothie for Keely and an iced coffee for mum.

This week will be a great girls only time as we are going to see Shrek at the movies for my birthday.

{wow there are a lot of images today! I hope you like them all. Nice to see the story in pictures and words}.


  1. Hearts and Hugs to you and Keely. Love your time together!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos Hayley. I know what its like to take special time out, I too have a little girl who is 4 years and my little man is nearly 2. Mali and i spent sunday afternoon making beaded jewellery together whilst Tae slept, it was great to be able to give her all my attention :)

  3. Lovely photos and so nice to have to remember those special times with your little darling.

  4. Lovely photos Hayley, your daughter is such a beauty.

  5. Gorgeous - thanks for sharing Hayley (and Keely) xx

  6. Gorgeous photos. Sounds like the gals had a great time.

    I love the shoe shot, and Keely's Beci Orpin jumper, and the little pink flowers, and that pool – ok I love it all! xx

  7. Oh, Hayley it sounds like you and Keely had so much fun on your little bush walk!! What a little sweetie to sing you a song! Love these times!!



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