Tuesday, June 15, 2010

craft :: MiniMe paper dolls

I received the best email a couple of weeks ago from a very creative mum. Her name is Hannah Stevenson and she is an artist with a very beautiful creative mind that talks to children. With having 3 little girls Hannah was inspired by little girl's imaginations and she has created a line of paper dolls called MiniMe.

I was so excited when she had told me she would like to create a paper doll just for Keely. One that would be similar in appearance to Keely. I was intrigued! Hannah created a mini Keely paper doll from asking me some really simple questions and she also included a whole wardrobe full of beautiful clothes, both everyday wear and enchanted clothing.

Keely unwrapped her beautiful gift, which I kept a surprise, and she was very happy to open up a little paper girl with amazing clothing. She could pick out all the outfits, from cinderella, to a little mermaid, and a fairy.

I was instantly asked to please cut out the doll and some of her outfits. Keely pointed out her letters below the doll and she said, "mum they are all my letters!" (She has recently learnt how to write her name and how to recognise her letters). Her MiniMe paper doll has been to show and tell last week for all of her class mates to see, and she has been playing with her everyday since she received her.

Pop on over to Hannah's site as it is amazing. You can purchase the dolls with the colour hair you would like, what style the hair is, the colour eyes, the skin tone and what outfits you would like. There are many different ways of purchasing your little MiniMe; you can even print the dolls and outfits out yourself. I would recommend lovely paper if you choose this option. Otherwise you can wait for Hannah to post it to you, which took no more then 10 business days to arrive. Hannah also has a blog called Lily and Thistle, which is beautiful and it gives you an insight into her little family, along with posts about new paper dolls.

You can also join the MiniMe outfit of the month club and have a new outfit to print out each month. I am sure we will be joining the club! The best thing is you receive a disc with all the artwork so you are able to print out new dolls and clothes as they get worn out from all the play. This is great as we have already spilt some water on the servant outfit for cinderella.

A beautiful gift for any little girl. Hannah has more ideas and there is a boy in the making! But who said boys shouldn't play with dolls? Taj has his own little baby doll.


  1. Hayley I LOVE paper dolls! They were a favourite of mine when I was a kid and I keep meaning to track some down for Poppy. Heading over to MiniMe now....

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Hayley. I LOVE this idea, just wish my girls were not so big as i would love to order them one each.....maybe I should still get them one and they can keep it. I will be taking a look at their site and i am also thinking of sharing their site on shoppegirls.
    Thank you so much I love the concept and cannot wait for the boy ones too. X

  3. aww, sweet sweet sweet! i remember i had something similar when i was little. i love this. and my goodness, those images of keely are heavenly, such a gorgeous girl xx

  4. Thanks so much for the tip. I visited Hannah's site and it is truly wonderful!

  5. Love those Paper dolls Hayley! Need to do this with Kenzie! xo



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