Friday, June 18, 2010

he says, "OUCH!"

We are having a hard time in the little pinwheel home with a boy and his two very infected ears. He has had a lot of them this year and I have to say it is really hard for him and for me. I cannot handle knowing Taj is really in pain. Yesterday he stood in the middle of the kitchen floor screaming, and screaming.

He is on antibiotics and panadol for the pain. He sleeps with me all night wanting boob all the time. The cuddles are beautiful, I just wish he was comfortable. I am sure the antibiotics will start working soon.

Grommets are on the list for long term management. Wait for check up next week. Until then, cuddles, boob and medicine.


  1. Oh poor little man and poor mumma knowing that her little man is in pain. Hope he gets better fast and the pain eases. I remember it is so disheartening when they are so little and cannot say too much, Mumma love is the best. Big Hugs to you both. X

  2. I am so sorry for little Taj. I am assuming Grommets would be what we call Tubes here in the states. Neither of my kids have had them but all my girlfriends kids who have swear by them. And it is suppose to only take 10 mins to put them in.

    BIG hugs and kisses for all of you and sending comfort his way...

  3. Oh, look at that face! Poor little Taj!

    Hope those antibiotics soon kick in and he starts feeling better. Sounds like he's getting lots of lovely TLC.

    Thinking of you both

  4. Oh, Hayley I'm so sorry for you and Taj. It is no fun to hurt. I do hope he gets well soon. Hugs to both of you. xoxo-Kristi

  5. Oh the poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon. xx

  6. Oh little precious. He sounds like my boy 3 years ago. He had so many ear infections we lost count and finally went to the EN & T specialist who diagnosed him with Glue Ear and he had the grommets inserted. Made the biggest difference! The ear infections can affect their speech which was the case with my boy. Poor Taj, it breaks your heart to see them like this :(

  7. Try taking him to a cranial osteopath! I did for my daughter it was like a miracle, honestly!! She had a quick traumatic birth whic had caused her problems which Drs said here she would need 12 weeks antibiotics and them grommits - I refused - thankfully an d with a few treatments she was fine. It was amazing & I would thoroghly reccomend!

  8. Hayley - poor you and poor makes you feel quite helpless doesn't it...I know the feeling as we had similar problems with our small man Archie at about a year and he then went onto have grommets..his speech came on really quickly and he started dancing alot more! It was not a nice process to go through - watching him go under and come round I must warn you but he did get alot better very quickly. That said he still is prone to ear infections so I am not sure whether we did the right thing or not still...I wonder if anyone else knows about the colloidal silver as I am quite intrigued by that. Also we have found by putting ARchie on to goats products rather than cows and that has helped too. At four is he too old to see a cranio osteopath?
    Good luck!xx

  9. Oh poor little Taji and his gorgeous mama. I hope you're coping ok. If there's anything I can do let me know.

    Hope he feels better soon. Rosie sends him big get well bubbles, one for each sore ear. xx

  10. Poor little man. Ear infections suck, but especially when you are too young to understand. My husband had them constantly thru childhood and ended up with solid gold gromments (he rejected the rest).

    A warm wheat pillow to rest his ear on may help with the pain a little. Have you tried baby Nurofen to relieve any inflammation? Would probably work better than Panadol methinks.

    Hope its a quick recovery.

  11. hayley, there are alternatives! i would also suggest osteopathy or chiro, and can recommend some local practitioners f you are interested. t my understanding, reducing dairy, wheat, sugar and fruit can really help. stewed fruit is best for winter anyway!

    all the best, i know it's not easy watching the little ones in pain, but his body is telling you something..

    xx tali



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