Friday, October 1, 2010

cockies shipped out

I have boarders living in my house. Roaches. Cockies. Whatever you want to call them. I was calling them rude names yesterday. They are not nice boarders to have. They leave their poo everywhere. Sleeping in places they should not be sleeping in. They would hold their own parties in the middle of the night. You would come out for a drink, or a wee and there they were under the darkness having their party. They would not stick around, scurry off into their homes. Their homes they made from my very own bits and bobs.

They lived in my linen press, nestled under a pile of once fresh towels and sheets. They hid in my cupboard. The very cupboard I would serve food on for my little people. Oh they live there no more. Yes I have ended the parties. The little beepers are gone. Yesterday sprayed, gelled up, and smoked out. Yes all three tools to get rid of my squatters.

I came home after the deed to find them upside down on the carpet, in the bathroom, in the cupboard. Lots of them. Legs in the air, flicking about. Burnt up the sucker and Taj and I sucked them up. They live here no more. There will be no returning. All holes blocked. Bye bye cockies. Farewell roaches.

I hope I did not make your legs crawl. I know mine are even writing this! I am going to enjoy my roach, and cockie free weekend.


  1. Good riddens to bad rubbish! I don't know how you lived that long with the free loaders. You must have some delicious and beautiful things in your cupboards... they are not silly, they were loving it!

  2. aren't they a pest!

    when i lived in the eastern suburbs they were EVERYWHERE! little brown ones too. which are worse, in my opinion, than the big black ones.

    glad you bombed them. may they stay away forever.

  3. You go girl! I have a horrifying fear of those nasty critters. One actually had the nerve to fly after me after I sprayed it. Took me a while to get over that I can you you!!
    I have found the perfect solution to my nightmare though - a podgy British Shorthair who loves nothing more than tearing the little suckers to shreds. Maybe you should get yourself one of those!

  4. oh we've been plagued by the little buggers this year too. god awful things. they seem to come out late at night when I am the only one awake. eek.

  5. GROSS! I am having a over stayed visit from fruit flies. They drive me CRAZY. I had a mass killing today and still one was buzz around my head as I ate dinner. GROSS!

  6. Eeewww! I have the same problem Hayley. Those little critters make my skin crawl. The ones we have are huge, some of them up to 2 inches long, i kid you not!! I can NOT stand it any longer. Any tips you care to share on exactly what you used to get rid of them?? I can wait to send mine packing...

  7. I friggin' HATE cockroaches. The last time one entered my house I karate chopped his head off. Take that sucka!! I'm so happy those guys are no longer with you. xx

    PS. Taj is looking pretty cute here.
    PPS. one more sleep!



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