Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mum moments in the raw

Do you have moments where you click? Where you become some kind of machine. One similar to Rosie from the Jetsons. That was me this morning. Off I went powering around the whole house like some kind of crazy hoover. Everything was getting packed away. Clean dishes gone. Clean washing folded and gone. Toys gone. Dirty dishes done.

I have moments like this every now and then. The now and the then have been far between. I truly have become stuck in a rut. It did not help that I had the place bombed for cockies and I had piles of washing to do. Not just any washing either. It was pretty much my whole linen cupboard full of washing. Think sheets. Lots of sheets. They had decided to nest in there.... ewww, chills! The good news is with me in Rosie mood I whizzed around doing all those suck chores.

I have since added to the empty basket, and placed clean washing in it this afternoon. It is back in my room, in its corner. I am not sure when it will be packed away. One can only hope that I have a Rosie moment tomorrow.

The only time I got a little flustered today was just before five as I waited in line with two very hungry little people in the post office. I had a parcel to pick up. There was no waiting until tomorrow. This item had to be taken home, wrapped and posted the same day. A little over an hour to get them fed, and back to the post office.

I quite like a challenge, and if I can involve them along the way it becomes a game. I of course bribed them with a banana muffin each for dessert. Come on as if I could have dragged them to the yellow box at that time of their day without a kid reason. I never thought I would be the bribing parent. I have since learnt we all do it. Not always with food treats of course, but we all do it in some kind of word phrasing way. A way that obviously sees them coming out on top. When of course we are the ones winning.

I must have looked stressed in the post office. Maybe it was the beads of sweat running down my face. Maybe it was the 4.5 year old running around the shop, while the 2 year old is screaming in my arms to run around with his sister. I sucked it up. I could feel the eyes on the back of my head. The postman gave them both stamps. Both hands. A lady told me she felt for me. She had two at home. She was the one I could feel cuddling me in silence. Rock on supporting mum.

She even said, "mummy deserves wine!"

No wine in the house. Seriously when is someone going to create a business that home delivers wine, and chocolate.

Two little people asleep after saying goodnight well over 20 times. No bath. No brushed teeth.


  1. i agree - mummy does deserve wine. good on you for the jetson like clean and for surviving the post office stares, be proud. x

  2. Soldier on Hayley, we all have those days of bribery and total chaos at home and at the shops of course. Lets see what tomorrow brings us all :-)


  3. im a single mum only for 2 nights while my husband is away for work. tonight was my first solo parenting night and i had gingerbread for dinner and oli had cheese on toast. i got cranky and snapped a lot, wet washing is still in the basket and the house...where do i begin?! the fact that you do this everyday is amazing and inpiring. im in awe. so stop being so hard on yourself. i mean it. stop it. right now. x

  4. Children and post office queue, sign. I avoid it at all costs and send my husband to the post office as much as I can. He practically lives there, my poor man. The joys of helping your wife run a home business I guess.

    Me too, I'd love a service that home delivers wine and chocolate.



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