Friday, October 15, 2010

mum moments in the raw

Today I am tired. It is flick friday. Time for my chick flick, and my glass of wine.

It was a great day. I broke outside my regular morning routine, and did something different with Taj. I had a bit of photography work to do and he came a long for the ride. It was in Manly, so we snuck in an awesome waffle and coffee from Barefoot.

I find if I do not get out of my routines I become lazy. It is easier for me to go to the beach with my little people. In summer that is all I do. Actually in winter it is all I did too. My sandcastle skills rock. I am really good at building really big castles, big enough for all three of us to stomp, slide and crush down on. I am really brown. Someone asked if I went on a summer holiday. This must be my winter tan. My brother used to call me choccie as a little kid as I was so brown. I think that nickname will be returning this summer.

I have to say all this thinking and writing of my day and how things were with my little people, with me, with mothers and children around me, I really am looking at parenting in a whole new light. I am becoming a lot easier on myself. I am not so upset that there is a whole new basket of clean clothes in my bedroom. I am more accepting at the fact these really are small parts of my life. Yes we need clean clothes. And we have them. They are just sitting in the basket. Plus honestly they have so many clothes from Little Pinwheel, there are enough in their cupboards!

I am not perfect. I want to be perfect. I want to be this amazing and inspirational mother and person for my little people. I want to be so much more to them. I am learning that to them I am. They do not see the dirty dishes and the bits on the floor. They see their mum running around them. They need to see me play with them. Be there with them. This is what they see, and this is what I have been trying to do all week. I know I will get there. I will be so much more to them. And to myself. It is about finding my balance as a mother, as a woman and a working mum.

I know how to get more balance, but I need more time in the day. Can someone please invent that so I can get these jobs done that will in turn make my life a little less chaotic. (This is when I can see you all nodding, and wanting more time too).

Being a little naughty and watching movie on computer so I can multi task. I have chocolate.


  1. can i book myself in for a chick flick for 4.5 months time? i'll bring the chocolate and the wine.
    p.s is a chick flick the same as a rom com?

  2. yes it is a cheesy romantic comedy! You are booked in! x

  3. ahh, I am glad to hear that you are learning to be easy on yourself! being a mum, running a business, having littlies living so closely to your emotional life, let alone taking care of yourself metally and physically (and don't forget spiritually, whatever that means to you!) in the middle of all that... it's not easy, and you don't need to make it any harder for yourself!

    Bigg Daddy had double daddy time today - I went to a workshop on running a playgroup! It was so lovely, hanging out with other mums, telling stories and singing songs and baking bread! It's the first time for him having Uli for the whole day, and he was so happy to see me at the end of it (Big Daddy, moreso than the littlies!). Good for him to experience what a day in the life of... is like!

    Have a yummy night, are you watching Motherhood?

    xx tali



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