Friday, October 8, 2010

the birthday boy number 2

here he is....

the birthday boy! Taj is the big two today. He really is cruising into toddlerhood now, and no more baby. Today will be awesome. I have no doubt. We are about to have cake for breakfast. Oh yes we are! Why not I say. Plus who could ever say no to chocolate cake? Not just any cake though. This is a special Taj cake. It is inspired by him. What he is obsessed with right now.

The rest of the day will be fun. It will be a pretty normal day routine wise, but we always have fun doing what we do. Taj's present has not arrived yet, but it is due to land on the doorstep. I am sure he will be excited no matter what time of the day he receives it.

Today is special for me too. It should be special for the mum. This day brings back so many memories, and I am sure it always will.

Have a lovely weekend. I know we are going to. The birthday always lasts for a few days! That is one thing my mum taught me. Drag it out!


  1. happy birthday little man.
    cake for brekky? hear hear!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to your little-big boy in his gorgeous sparkling hat. Have a wonderful day and celebratory weekend. Can't wait for my Saltwaters! x

  3. super cute! Love 2.:)

  4. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little man, Taj!
    I totally agree spread the celebrations as long as you can, we do that too.
    Enjoy making more special memories. xx

  5. enjoy that cake!! & all your celebrations & birthday cuddles XO

  6. Happy Birthday Taj.
    Eat as much of that cake as you can & enjoy your special day!
    My family has done the cake for breakfast thing since we were all kids and now it has continued on to our kids too....LOVE it Xo

  7. Happy birthday little man! sounds like a wonderful day if it's starting with cake.
    happy memories to you too mummy.
    enjoy the weekend long clebrations.

  8. Happy birthday Taj! What a way to start the day with cake for breakfast - yummo!!
    Have a great weekend of celebrations Hayley.

  9. Happy birthday Taj! Cake for breakfast sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I'm about to have a chocolate muffin to celebrate my birthday today too! Have a fun and beautiful day!

  10. happy birthday taj! cake for breakfast = awesome way to start your special day! i love a prolonged birthday :)

  11. Happy Birthday Taji!!

    We love you to bits. Now get back to your cooking and vacuuming. xxx

  12. Happy Birthday Taj, you cutie pie! Hope you had an awesome day in your sparkly green hat, lapping up all the extra special hugs from your beautiful sister and mama. Hayley, you have the most divine family xx

  13. 2 is huge! HUGE! happy birthday!



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