Monday, October 18, 2010

craft monday :: painting together

Painting is awesome with little people. This was my time with both of my little people on saturday. We did at least 40 minutes of focused time with 5 different colours of paints and 3 sheets of new cardboard. I love how they are both at different stages with their artistic abilities.

I know Keely will be artistic, as she already is. She will use her creative head to get through life. Taj I am still reading. I think he will follow in the same footsteps and be creative too. He thoroughly enjoyed painting and I loved his brush stroke style. There is something there!

They both did their paintings, their way. Then together they grabbed the last sheet and painted together. This was my favourite part to watch as their mum. Sharing without being told to share. Playing together because they wanted to. This 40 minutes, or 20 minutes on their own with me just being there is beautiful. A time well spent, and cherished in my mummy memory. (Thank you Renee for telling me all about this 20 minutes).

Craft rocks. Love it. They love it.


  1. They are precious! Painting is the best hing ever when you're under... 100! x

  2. These are the sweetest pictures ever, looks like they are having a ball painting together.



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