Thursday, September 30, 2010

sudo summer 2010

I love doing photo shoots with my little ones. There is a routine now. It is a little chaotic, but it seems to come together in the end. The main thing is they keep happy and we have a good time. We shot the Sudo range on monday and it was all over in 20 minutes.

There is a system. I style, shoot, Simon shoots, clothes on and off, kids model and they have a great time. There are moments when you think you will only have one good shot, but then when you load up the images they are all awesome in their own way. I even like the shots where it is more an outtake of our session.

Can you see the chaos? Lucky there is not another photographer taking sneaky shots as mummy is in the background throwing layers of clothes on the little ones.

The Sudo summer is in store now.

Those hot saltwater sandals at the end of my pegs are available in store now for women. Go on rock them!


  1. Always look forward to the new season fashion with your lovely children.
    Looks like the love it an they have lots of fun too. x

  2. Stunning photos. Love the one of your little man with the sunglasses on upside down :) Looks like it was a fun time.

  3. Your kids are looking super cute ... as always!

  4. Very cute! Looking forward to payday next wednesday so I can order my sandals! Oh, & some for the girks too of course! :)

  5. can you take those ridiculous legs away! you look amazing x

  6. Sudo looks so cute on your kids!

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