Thursday, October 28, 2010

words by keely

Words are powerful. The spoken word and for me the written word. I love how you can put words to paper and it becomes so much more then just a bunch of letters. There truly is something about handwriting someone a letter, or even a simple card. Computers are taking over, and I have no doubt that my daughter will be very computer savvy, if not more savvy than me.

Keely has a lot of drawings and pictures she has coloured-in and shoved in her school bag each week. Most of which I place in the bin. I know that must sound awful, but if I kept them all I would be able to build a home just on paper. I of course keep the pictures that show a change in her development or pictures that are just incredibly beautiful.

Yesterday I popped my hand in her bag and threw out all of her pictures but one. I found a piece of paper with her writing on it. She had written words. It was an emotional find. She is great at copying me if I write a person's name down she can copy the letters and write their names in cards. But this was different. She had written words. Ice cream, lamp, lamb, flowers, raspberry, without the b, and a few words I do not know; her words!

I love seeing their abilities change. For me to see she is ready to move over to "big" school. Can you believe that is next year?

Love what she did to Little Pinwheel.

I caved in. Yep I have buckled. While my car is in having a pedicure, I am cheating on it and hiring a car.


  1. What a sweet moment, her words. Very pretty words aswell. Skye is starting school next year too.

  2. look at all those colours. what a little artist you have. truly beautiful. i love the way she holds her pencil. so cute. if we were living over there oli would be starting school in jan as well. crazy days, huh?

    and look at that last photo. wow.




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