Saturday, October 16, 2010

mum moments in the raw

i planned to do a blog post on my raw moment day, but it is a little hard with one hand, and the camera is in the lounge room with fresh images on it. taj is sleeping on me. a habit. yes i think it might be. keely sleeps at her daddy's on a saturday and i know taj misses her. he will be reunited with her in the morning.

motherhood never goes according to plan. i was in the middle of packing orders, now i sit with a sleeping boy on me. (a smirk grows on my face). maybe i am meant to sit, watch a movie and cuddle my boy. tonight i will listen to him and just be.


  1. Gorgeous pic and post! The orders will still be there tomorrow, enjoy every special moment♥

  2. awesome. i am excited to one day be a mom. xx

  3. absolutely right in my eyes. these are the moments we can't ever try to replicate, create or go back to. you have to cherish every moment, because before we know it, we will be begging for a kiss and they will be running into the schoolyard with embarrassment.

  4. I love your posts about 'mum moments in the raw'. I find myself nodding my head & thinking 'yes!' as I see that I'm not alone in my experiences! Thanks so much for sharing, you're definately maing a difference! xx

  5. oh wow this photo is beautiful. thanks for being so honest x



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