Monday, October 25, 2010

craft monday :: hat for jay

Jay has been rocking around with the little pinwheel family all weekend. On saturday he came with us to pick up our croissants and coffee from barefoot, ventured to the beach for our play with our beautiful friends and then came home for a well earned rest.

While we had some rest time, Keely and I popped Jay on the kitchen floor and we did some craft. We decided that Jay needed a hat while out and about in the sun. I helped Keely cut out a piece of painted cardboard, and cut two holes for Jay's ears to pop out of. There was consideration of a cone style naughty dunce hat, but that of course would not cover his face from the sun.

Keely stuck pretty beads all over his new sun hat and he was ready for more play over the weekend with us.

Taj is a bit smitten with Jay and has been helping his big sister take good care of him.


  1. Such a cool crafty hat! Oh I love it!

  2. Why does Keely have better hair than me?!

  3. haha im laughing at kl's comment.

    ah keely's hair. the fringe. the fringe!




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