Monday, October 11, 2010

craft monday :: word stamps

It has been a while since I really sat down with Keely to do some craft. Over the weekend I had a post I have wanted to write for weeks. I decided on some images I wanted to take, and thought this was the perfect time to get Keely involved. She is big on her words, and spelling, and the gift she was given at her last birthday was perfect.

I taught Keely about word association and how you could stamp a word on paper and then she could be creative and draw a picture that matched what she felt associated with that word. Being a creative little one I thought she would really enjoy coming up with some images. Instead she enjoyed placing the words on the magnetic stamp holder and stamping them all over her page. I was amazed at how she could tell if a word was upside down or not.

The word stamps was a fun activity to do with Keely, and it was nice to teach her what each word said. She could pick out a few letters too. I guess when they go to pre school you miss out on these things. She taught me a lot about her development doing this craft. Plus it was just a great excuse to zone out from everyday mum chores and just be with her.


  1. How cool are those stamps???

    And Keely is just D TO THE VINE! Blondi-locks. Gorgeous engaging girl. x

  2. Awesome stamps, they look like so much fun. It's amazing the things they learn at pre school that you don't know about until you do a activity like this. Beautiful pictures, as always!



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