Thursday, October 14, 2010

mum moments in the raw

It is 7:42pm and I have just snuck out of the bedroom. A hard night to get Taj to sleep. These nights do not come around very often, but when they do I go into a detective mode. I try to think like the pink panther and figure out how I can get out without him knowing. I fail every time. The only time I succeed is when he actually falls asleep. I honestly just had the eye of the tiger tune playing in my head as I made for my escape.

Overall today was pretty awesome. I made banana muffins today as a treat for the little people. I over cooked them a little, not burnt, just a little dry. It is the thought that counts. They had one each. The rest are in the bin. There was some negotiations with Keely in the afternoon, which were not too painful; there was a dry muffin to help. Taj decided that he would do no nappy quite a bit today. I was up for it. A bit of a go with the flow day. Poo on the carpet. Wee right next to it, and this mum does not even care. I never cared with Keely either. Better then picking up dog poo.

Motherhood has its ups and downs. I am riding the wave today and not feeling one bit guilty for the mess that is around me. I am learning to clear the guilt. I am tired and listening to the fact that I am tired. I played mum the whole day, and it felt awesome. They completely had me. I think that is why I am so tired.


  1. We had one of those days too. No guilt. Riding the wave. But with peanut butter cookies instead of those muffins. xxx

    ps. i am with you on the dog poo thing.

  2. You should get little T a weeman. My Noah loved it!
    Keep up the great work, Hayley. You are doing an awesome job x
    Ps am I following you girls around tonight or what?

  3. Love it!
    I dragged two tired kids to the shops to pick up my new phone this afternoon and bribed both with treats (and a ride as well for Poppy).
    Needless to say there were major meltdowns when we got home..

  4. That picture is genius. One to bring out when he's an awkward teenager bringing round his first girlfriend maybe...?

    I've been loving your posts the last few days. You're one inspirational sista xx

  5. I love reading your mummy raw posts.

  6. That is photo is beyond greatness! He will have a good laugh when he sees that as he's older. You have a very sweet blog, and I'm your latest follower. A très vite! xx



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