Tuesday, October 19, 2010

girl time :: sunday breakfast

All about the girls on sunday morning; two besties and their girls.

It was awesome. I drove all the way to Anna's house with no music. We love music, and always have it playing in the car; singing and bopping away. I was never really a top 40 girl, but since little people I am a bopping teenager again.

I wanted to talk to Keely, let her talk to me. It was beautiful. This was my favourite part of our mummy and Keely time. No real distractions, except our own words to each other, and the road of course.


  1. So much joy when we let ourselves just 'be' in the moment, be mindful. These are the awesome bits, they are what life's all about :)

    PS: Got my & my son's saltwaters today, wearing them now - could be an addiction, thanks!

  2. that's so beautiful, you are the best mummy!

  3. Oh, those eyes. Just lovely Hayley. Will I see you next week at ABCD? x

  4. That top photo. WOW - knockout.

    And look at sweet little Rosie. She's growing up. STOP HER!!

  5. i second that. that first photo is ridiculous hayley. look at her and those amazing almond eyes. and don't get me started on little rosie's eyes, we could be here all day. x

  6. great photos, Hayley. and words to match.
    (wish i had a bestie good with a camera to take pics of me and my kids. pics that i like ....)

  7. yippee for sundays! girl time was the best. who is that hottie with the blue cardigan and scarf? xx

    ps. agree. the top photo of keely is divine.

  8. the ability to enjoy silence or listen to a little one talk is priceless - such a sweet post!



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