Thursday, October 7, 2010

blogging buddies

The blogging world is lovely. It is a place I did not expect to really connect with people. I started the blog to show the face behind the business. Now this is a place I can come and share my life in a lot more depth then I thought I would. It is nice to put your life here. Sometimes you feel a little naked, and other times you feel great. It is nice to read the comments and to receive the emails. You feel you are talking to other people, not just a computer screen.

I have made a few great friends. One of those I caught up with while I was in Melbourne, Kate, (aka Kit Kat), from Captain KK. I met her whole little family. We had coffee. Played in the strips of cafes with the little people. And we talked like we had known each other for a life time. Thanks Kate, you and your family rock!

Friendships are formed writing blogs. Friendship for me, and friendships for my little people. It is a great place for me to be. Thank you for your support and for stopping by and saying hi.

Tomorrow is a special day.


  1. I enjoy our little friendship and our little ladies one too.


  2. what a nice surprise to find this post waiting for me in my reader :) mirka & her hats.. she's a funny one! it was awesome to meet you in person & your little people are just gorgeous. i agree, the blog world rocks! who knew 3 kids could have so much fun with a milk crate :) x kk

  3. couldn't agree more, in fact I just posted about this topic the other day and find it amazing all the friendships that have begun to form just because of the words we type.

  4. It's only been afew months since i've started to follow afew blogs and they have become so important to me, to know that there are other mothers out there breast feeding, co-sleeping and trying to find their way in the world and how make the same choices that I make. It has made me feel apart of something and less lonely at times.Maybe one day I feel feel brave enough to blog my self until then I will thank you for letting me share in your worlds. Xx

  5. i am so happy to have found you blog. thanks for sharing :)



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