Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the car with the yellow toe nails

My car is in getting repaired. I had an argument with a pole, and the pole won. I honestly was concentrating, but too much on my mind made the pole jump out and add some yellow to the front of my car. Nice to know my car was matching my toe nails.

Yesterday was the first day without the car, and I must admit it was a little stressful. Those moments where the little ones loose it and you would usually opt for the car was not an option. It rained. I got wet. I had the umbrella, but no free hand. I have no doubt I will be hiring a car before the week is out. The comfortable freedom of my car has become my luxury and I want it back.

This is Keely sleeping with Jay at her daddies house over the weekend. Cannot show an image of the car due to legal action from the pole. More like an embarrassed woman too proud to show you what she did to her car. I am going to go and have some fun with my little people down the beach and drink way too many soy lattes!


  1. Im not laughing... I promise! YELLOW TOENAILS! That's so cute. It's lovely you're matching the car. Bless. It will be all better soon and like brand new! xo

  2. i have to say you made the best of a bad situation. the last time my car 'had a pedicure' i wasn't so upbeat! x

  3. oh no! thankfully the pole didn't hurt you guys - did it? xx

  4. that was funny, i think you like the color of your toe nails!



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