Tuesday, April 13, 2010

winter days ahead

With winter fast approaching and with us already having a few days of rain I am having to come up with some winter activities for the little ones. I actually had someone about 3 weeks ago ask what I will do with Keely and Taj when winter arrives. I am spotted down the beach all the time, so I guess this question only came natural. It did not take me long to answer and tell them that I will be doing the same. I will be coming to the beach to have my morning coffee with Keely and Taj. We will still be going to dig in the sand, or splash in puddles together.

I am someone that needs to do things there and then, otherwise it just gets left behind and I find it harder to do. That whole sentence is a very broad comment, but it pretty much sums me up! So that same very day, I came home jumped onto the pip duck website and I ordered myself a pair of shiny grey gumboots. I love pip duck and that child inside is going to come alive this winter thanks to them! Move over Keely and Taj, mumma is doing the splashing this winter!

Keely took these photos! I am amazed she could hold the camera, as it is very heavy.

I of course will be doing more craft with the little ones. Time to get really creative with this. We used to have a Spotlight store that was very close to home, walking distance, but it closed about 2 years ago. It had everything you ever needed and to have that gone makes getting art supplies that little bit harder. We do have a craft box, but one that I know needs to be replenished. It is time to make the trip out to the new Spotlight or even to my local art supply shop. I am also a bit of a fan of Kmart as I find they have a great selection of craft needs. I am not a mall mum though, so I will have to build myself up for a trip there! I have been inspired to do one particular project from another blog and i cannot wait to show Keely, and all of you, what we will be making. It will be fun and something we could stretch out over a few days.

Our lounge room has had a transformation, one that is still a bit of work in progress, but with a little table in the corner we can now have fun making a little cubby house to have a tea party with the kids new tea set from Ikea.

Taj is very much into cooking, and I mean obsessed with cooking. It is one of the first words he says when he gets up in the morning and one of the last words he says before he goes to bed. I also bought him a little cooking set out at Ikea, which he has been playing with ever since. I know he will be happy to do some real cooking this winter and this will be a project we can share with you. I am sure it will be something as simple as shortbread biscuits! Well, it has to be something us mums would like too! But in cute shapes of course!

Taj helping me cook dinner, meat balls!

I am hoping that craft monday will become more inspiring as the weeks go on with the weather changing and more time spent at home. It will be nice to share the simple things we do each week to get through winter and hope that it may help some of you mums fill a day or even an hour or so of your days. Of course you all realise though, that I am a regular mum, doing the best I can, so there will be days like yesterday, where a craft monday is sharing a painting or a drawing and not some big creative project!

What will you be doing this winter to keep the little ones going and you going? Do you change much in your routines? Also as I know there are readers that are going into spring and i would love to know what you will be doing as the snow melts and the blossoms are blooming!


  1. ikea sweedish meatballs? yum! would love to hear about what else you got in your ikea visit. that store continues to amaze me!

    like the gumboots :)

  2. Love your lounge room Hayley! Taj looks like a great cook, and wow that Keely...She may be a photographer one day!



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