Thursday, April 29, 2010

a beautiful day

I wanted to say I have had the best day! There are those days where everything seems to run so smoothly. I am not sure what we do as parents that is so different on these days, but whatever it is it makes you feel like you have done a great job. Could it just be luck? Are we all feeling good on the same day?

It started off like a normal day, but the simple joy of walking Keely to school with the pram seems to make the day a good start for all of us. I get my exercise, they get to have a good look around and then mummy gets her coffee down the beach on the way home. It couldn't get much easier. Although I did have food bribes for Taj. He is in love with watermelon right now and he ate a lot this morning!

I have almost booked a holiday to Fiji with the little ones in September..... oh very excited! I am not one for resorts, but I am doing it for this holiday. Plus you never know I may just change my mind. How could one go wrong, with kids club starting from one year olds? I know I am not one to leave my children there all day, but an hour here and there will be fabulous. I am looking forward to having a holiday every year and making this something we can all look forward to.

I also did a bit of paperwork today, finished off the BAS and played shop, (oh how I love to play shop with Little Pinwheel; this has been one of my best decisions in my life, I love it)! I have not done that many house jobs, but I am sure they will happen in the next day or so.

I hope tomorrow runs as smoothly as today. It is our fresh flower day tomorrow. The ones we have in our home are about to see better days. This week Keely chose some tulips. They are beautiful. They remind me of my days living in Canberra and visiting Floriade every year. I must take the little ones to see the flowers; worth the trip and a great excuse to visit my sister and all of my mum's lovely friends.

If tomorrow is a little chaotic, then I will be ready for that too. I thrive on a bit of chaos. I like to be kept on my toes. I know with the bedtime routine approaching there is still time for the day to turn a little chaotic! Right now they are in the lounge room playing tea parties! (It has to be my lucky day)! I hope you have all had a beautiful day too, and one that was smooth!


  1. yey for a holiday in Fiji - what resort are you going to? would love to find one with a kids club that young for next year!

  2. aww... what a great start to the morning! love your photo's (as always!). fiji will be wonderful! mwah xx

  3. Hey Hayley,

    Glad you had a great day - you take such lovely photos, what sort of camera do you have...probably very professional sort but I'd love to know...

  4. A bit embarrassing to admit, but today I used my iphone! I wanted to capture the little ones playing together and that is all I had on me. I have some great pre sets I have set up to change the colours and look of an image. I think that helps when I use a not so good camera. Otherwise I use a Canon 5d, which I LOVE! I believe you can still capture a great image with a point and shoot. It is how you retouch it that makes the difference. I hope I have helped!

  5. A great day with little ones is always a blessing -so glad that you had a walk, watermelon, coffee and flowers :-)

  6. So good to hear you had a great day. Some days are just diamonds, aren't they? x

    PS. I love Keely's green dress.
    PPS. You just reminded me I need to do my BAS. Urgh.



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