Saturday, April 24, 2010

talking saturday

I have made a bit of a decision with my silent saturday posts. I like just sharing an image, but there are times when I would like to say more. I would like to share with you what we are doing for the weekend and find out what fun things you have planned. So from today I am going to include a little more. I am sure that there will be weekends where I will just post the image and go and enjoy my weekend. I guess that depends on how organised I am!

Firstly I have to tell you all that I took the old bed apart yesterday, and last night I camped on the floor on my mattress. It was fun; the camping, not taking the bed apart! I also thoroughly enjoyed jumping on the mattress with the kids all afternoon, with no fear of anyone falling off the bed and hurting themselves. To be honest, I took the bed apart and cleaned up a little for all of you! I felt that after my post about my very messy unfinished room I had to make a start. Plus, I kind of feel you are all watching me now!

After I picked up Keely from pre school yesterday we went to the fruit market and bought our new fresh flowers. Keely chose a very sweet flower and as they were so cheap she was able to pick 3 of her favourite colours. This in itself is a lovely way to start our weekend. A weekend that is going to be very busy!

At our local beach they have the Layne Beachley Classic surf contest on and there is also a Food and Wine festival on the Sunday and the Monday. This weekend is a long weekend in Australia with Anzac Day on Sunday. I am sure like every other day we will spend a lot of time at the beach! The weather is meant to be divine and the water is still 22 degrees! Those gumboots I bought are not coming out for a while!

I will be armed with the camera most of the weekend and I will share with you during the week some of our highlights from our weekend.

Enjoy your weekend! Any fabulous plans?


  1. Enjoy your weekend, too! We want to grill this week-end first time this year! It should become very warm with us!
    Warm regards, Yvonne

  2. We're having a family date at the ice-cream shop this afternoon and hope to go for a brunch picnic on Monday. Your weekend sounds full but fun - enjoy!



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