Monday, April 26, 2010

craft monday :: buggie & jellybean

Hello follower Little Pinwheel FANatics! I am Amy from over at Buggie and Jellybean, just dropping in to share a project that will wow!

I have been making these for some years now. They make the perfect vessel to give gifts in. I have given these as b-day gifts, wedding, engagements, and so on. I love filling them with bags of popcorn, gift cards to movies, DVD's, Best Buy gift cards and so much more. Buggie's school is having a silent auction for Haiti relief and her classrooms theme is entertainment. So I am giving this for their basket along with a gift card.

What you will need:
- A roll of tickets {the diameter of the roll used will determine the size of the bowl}
- A sheet of cork
- Mod Podge {the hard coat works the best}
- Crystal clear acrylic spray
- A sponge brush
- Scissors

First you need to trace the circle from the roll onto the sheet of cork.

Next cut out the circle. It is best to cut a little outside the circle and then trim as needed.

Then pop that little sucker in the center of the roll.

Now you will need to shape your bowl. Make sure as you push from the center and up to create the bowl that the roll of tickets is right side up {you do not want your "admit one" upside down}!

Once you have your bowl shaped up, you can check if it is level at this point. I usually eye ball it.

Then it is on to Mod Podging. I would do two coats, giving at least an hour in between coats for it to dry. Make sure to get into all the cracks and the cork good.

Once dry, take it outside to spray with the acrylic spray {make sure to do this in a WELL ventilated area}. I usually do a good two coatings, this dries fast so there is not a lot of wait time in between coats. I would leave it outside in the garage for over night at least after spraying.

Once done you can fill these little cuties with all kinds of snacks. Just make sure if you are giving as a gift to tell them to clean with a damp cloth.

Another great use for these would be for all those carnival/circus parties out there, hint hint Tiff :-)...


Thanks Hayley for letting me join in the fun over here at Little Pinwheel! Sending hugs and kisses across the blogging world.


  1. hi amy! nice to meet you through the lovely hayley's blog. i love this craft idea, so clever! i have my daughter's 2nd birthday coming up and you have got my mind ticking with idea's now! thanks for sharing =)
    bec xx

  2. Incredible! Thanks for the tutorial Amy.



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