Friday, April 9, 2010

their space

Last week I spoke about putting Keely and Taj in the same room together and I am happy to say with Keely away and me having a little more time on my hands I have made the move Taj is now in his new space.

It has been a fun week so far with a trip out to Ikea to buy a new bunk bed and a few other items to make the house a bit more me. The setting up of their room has been a lot of fun and the creation of a new space in the lounge room for them is coming together. In the end I decided to move Taj in Keely's room and not put them in my room. I initially thought it would be good to give them the bigger room and have all of their toys in there and create a little room for them to go to and have the rest of the house my space. But I realised that with Taj sleeping during the day Keely would not be able to access any of her toys and would miss out on being in her space while Taj has a sleep. I have found some storage solutions to keep the lounge room a common area and one that is also very comfortable for them.

I am going to set up a cute little area for Keely and Taj to do their reading and some play. I love the fact that this is their space and one that will grow with them as they do get older. With the thought of purchasing the bunk bed I had to have a look around for some more linen for Keely and any other items that will make their space cozy, as it is a room made for sleeping. I currently have the matt bed for Keely in the treehouse collection and after looking around I have decided that this is still the best bed for her and Taj to have. I would love to have one made for the kids and this is still an option. I will keep looking into this as I still have a little time up my sleeve with Taj being in the cot. When looking for linen I found this cute set from bubba bling that has red in it to go back with Taj's apple sheet set. I am also loving the bear zzzoolight from bubba bling. This is very much Taj as I call him "buddy bear."

I am getting excited with all the other items I found out at Ikea and over the next few months my home will become a space that is comfortable for us. I will of course share the changes I make so you can see how it all comes together in the end.

But for now I am so excited to say that Keely will be home this afternoon!


  1. How exciting! I love Ikea too! xx

  2. So many lovely ideas and I love that dress Keely is wearing. Very groovy!



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