Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sleep deprivation:: would you trust this face

I thought I would write an extra post today. I have been extremely tired all day and I have been thinking a lot about the sleep deprivation that comes with being a parent. I honestly thought in the four years I have been a mother that I had my "worst" night. That it really could not get any worse. Really what could be worse then some torture from little people that interrupt our sleep cycles?

Last night I had a sick Keely that was curled up in my bed fast asleep as I had a teething 18 month old screaming his head off at 10:30. I thought, it would be easy. Some pain relief and he would be back asleep within 20 minutes and 30 minutes at the most. Before I knew it, the clock said after midnight. This mumma was worn out already and very tired. I could not figure out why he would not sleep. The cheeky Taj thought it was funny to say to me,"no, no," as I pointed to his room and told him it was time for nigh nights.

I can giggle now, but trust me once 2am came around, by which time I had Keely back in her bed and Taj in mine, I was very much over it. I also had to move my new bed against the wall as I had just put it together yesterday with Keely. We have not finished it yet, so all the pieces to the drawers were sitting on the ground. The interesting thing was that once Taj was in my bed he still did not sleep. He managed to poke me and poke me, over and over again! I seriously thought he was tormenting me! Keely tapped on my shoulder at 6am in the morning. I am not sure what time Taj fell asleep as I ended up falling asleep.

I am sure there are some of you that have had worse nights then what I have had. I know tonight after a day of sooking I will be giving him pain relief before he goes to sleep. I can only hope that we have a better night tonight. I have no idea what was wrong. I can only assume it is his second incisor tooth up the top coming through. No tooth today.

I am ready tonight! As ready as I like to think I can be. I don't have any chocolate in the house though, so maybe not so ready after all.

Oh and for the record, he has been extremely cute to everyone today, including me. If only they knew what I knew!

How do you get through your days after sleep deprivation? I personally find there is a back up battery in me that kicks in and I am off and running again. I of course fuel it with some iced coffee during the day and lots of sunshine.


  1. That little face looks sooo sweet... tooo sweet... reminds me of one of mine who has a sweet face and is up all night!!!

  2. oh, yes the sweeties...always a miracle and a secret what going on in their mind...for me is the you say..."there is a back up battery in me that kicks in and I am off and running again" true...and the smile of our kids gives us always the strenght to go through it, right?...have a lovley evening for yourself and hopefully a calm night, dear...cheers and a big hug...i

  3. Oh we had one of those nights on Monday night. Hubby ended up in Josh's bed with Zoe who screamed from 7-10.30 and then 2.30-4. Josh ended up in our bed with me from early morning.

    To get through the next day we all went out in the morning for some fresh air, home for lunch and sleeps and thankfully last night was sooooo much better. It started off shakey but ended very well with hubby and I getting to bed at 11pm (early for us) and getting a full nights sleep!

    Hopefully tonight will be the same.

    I think as mum's (or dad's) you just find the energy to get through the next because there is no choice really. We have these little people relying on us for just about everything.

    Take care, and all the best for tonight. Hope you get a refreshing sleep.

  4. Oh yes the memories. It does get better Hayley It is just another wave of parent hood we all go through. Keep up the great work and thank goodness for the back up battery. Hope you all sleep better tonight. X

  5. Oh I have a 3.5 year old who looks like an angel, but can be a real devil!!! He's not an easy sleeper either and we often have terrible nights. I dodn't know how I make it through the next day as there is no respite from his energy levels even though he has had an unsettled night. He refuses day time naps so I run through the day in a complete haze feeling really unwell, like I have the flu or something like it. I struggle but I try not to complain, I'm sure others have it worse and he will grow out of it in due course. It is why we choose parenthood, you take the great with the horrid.

  6. such a beautiful face - hope you had a better night! on nights like that you just pray for a fine day the next day to make it all feel right again...



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