Friday, April 23, 2010

our fresh flowers

When one makes big decisions and changes in their lives, it is always nice to have some way of starting fresh. One way that I have done this is to buy fresh flowers every week, or earlier if they die before the week is finished! This has become Keely's favourite time as she is the one that chooses which flowers we have for our home.

I find her choices quite interesting as we have had chillies and blue singapore orchids, along with some quite tame choices. I love her bold decisions she makes when it comes to flowers. I wonder if this is what she will be like as a person when it comes to other decisions she will face in her life?

The other change you can make is the full rearrange of your home and that is what I have been working on and still working on. This is a change I do advise not to take lightly as it is a big job. Actually I am finding it to be a huge job. One that I have not completed and may not complete for a while yet! Although now I have done this blog post and I am showing you images of some of my accomplishments I am in a way pushing myself, or you are all pushing me, to continue with these changes.

I was proud last week as I managed to build my new chest of drawers. Not that I ever doubted myself! I do sometimes find that I may not have the strength to tighten bolts to their full tightness, but other then this I can safely say I can build things; with the help of instructions of course!

I had fun putting it together and I did it all while Taj had his daytime sleep. I however still have the new bed to put together, but knowing that is the big job I have been procrastinating on even the thought of starting that one. The only thing that is stopping me from really getting into it is the packing up of the old bed and the moving of it and then putting the new one together. I will admit there are a few things currently under the bed, so this is part of my procrastination. I am a little over sorting through things and either finding new homes to minimise the clutter, or doing the whole throw it away thing. Although I must admit when it is done, and you have de-cluttered parts of your life, it feels really good.

It will be fun over time to show you all what I have done to create a new space for me and to share with you my bold decisions. For now I hope you enjoy our flowers and you will continue to enjoy seeing Keely's choices in floral arrangements!


  1. Great post!
    I love that you use choosing flowers as a metaphor for the decisions you make in life.
    Good DIY building the chest of drawers by the way - I'm very impressed!
    Best of luck with the continuation of your project!

  2. Well done on getting those drawers put together Hayley! I have no patience when it comes to things like that.

    And, for what it's worth, I think you are doing an amazing job with everything you've got going on at the moment. Enjoy the long weekend Lovely - you deserve it!!

  3. You inspired me to go and buy flowers for the house this morning. I bought a massive bunch of bright yellow somethings and then divided them up between vases and teapots and cups so I could have them everywhere!

    Look forward to seeing what Keely chooses next week. x

  4. I love fresh flowers, and I wish you good luck in changing your life. It's been more or less a month since I started reading your blog, and I love it. I am also "redecorating" my home and it gives you a new air to your whole life. Regards

  5. I love fresh flowers in my house too! It just lifts an otherwise gloomy day. Love the photo of you and Taj! So cute.

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance, I've tagged you in a little meme that I think you may enjoy. x

  6. beautiful pictures. Beautiful blog.



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