Tuesday, April 27, 2010

balance :: batter up

We all try to find our balance in life. That one thing or moment where we have our feet planted firmly on the ground. Where we still have the everyday chaos that life comes with, along with a few extra curve balls. These curve balls are easily dealt with when you have your balance, you can hit them straight back and at the end of the day you have had your home run.

I am trying to find my balance. That healthy balance as a woman in my 30s, as a mother, as a friend and as a business woman. I have had a few curve balls thrown at me and I am slowly hitting them back. I am working through my fears, my new life as a single mum, the fine line of friendship, (the friendship that is hard to fulfill with being a mother with young children), and being me away from being a mum.

I believe there is a balance for all of us. For me it is working through a few things to find it. I know that I will have my feet planted firmly on the ground again. I also know there will be moments when someone or something will rip them straight off again. This is life, we have our ups and downs. But I find smiling and being positive is what gets me through it. Writing for me is a way of working through things. It opens up a part of you that is real, but not so real that it leaves you feeling naked. Even though I do share a lot, I don't feel like I am leaving myself out in the cold. I know I will loose friends along the way, I already have, but you make new friends too. I also believe that some friends you never loose, they will always be there, no matter if you have a few downs. You just have to hope that once you have worked through your balancing they are there for you when you are standing tall again.

I have personally faced a lot in life over the past few months. There is no doubt I have had some curve balls. If I was playing baseball, I know I would be the batter they could not get out. I have been swinging at these balls a lot and I am not about to give up. My life is so beautiful and there is such a positive future for myself and my two children. I am a fabulous mum, (can I say that), and I am a great friend, (but not to one of my dear friends, but I hope that she is that friend that will be there for me when I am standing again). Oh and I think I am a great business woman! I love all I do for Little Pinwheel, and how my children are involved.

I can feel a home run coming! Batter up!


  1. hayley, such a touching post this morning. i guess as they say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. yes you can say you are a fabulous mum! and yes you are a great friend. i know i am one of the lucky ones to have your friendship at my side, my life wouldn't be the same without you in it! smiling is infecious, so you keep smiling and hitting your home runs!
    love love love xx

  2. I dont know you- and I am across the globe- but from your post I know you care deeply for those around you. Good luck and may you hit that ball out of the park!

  3. Sounds like you a doing a fab job on all fronts- credit to you. From a stranger (who just wants to pass on her support).

  4. Your positivity is inspiring, your blog and store are a beautiful reflection of the lovely person standing behind them. Thanks for writing x

  5. What a beautifully honest and inspiring post. I agree that a smile and a positive attitude is the best remedy for all things. We have no control over other people's action, but we always have a choice in how we deal with them. Thanks for sharing Hayley, it seems you're doing pretty well. x

  6. Go Hayley, the crowd is definitely cheering for you!!!

  7. Great post sweetie, you are a fabulous mum, and you should say that, more mums should say that...I am a fabulous mum too ;-)
    I admire you for your strength, openess (is that a word?)and kindness. You inspire me all the time, and my life is better for having you as a virtual friend, in it xoxo

  8. What an inspirational Mother you are! I love reading your posts and look forward to a new one each day.
    Of course you can say you are a great mum.......we all are, even when we do not think we are.
    Thank you for being an inspirational and raw member of my world.
    I agree that my life is better too having you in it....
    Take care
    Vicki X



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