Tuesday, April 6, 2010

little pinwheel easter hunt

I hope you all had a lovely easter with your families and time away from work. I had a lovely easter with my little ones. An easter I had been planning all week. Of course having two little ones I had to do an easter egg hunt, it goes without saying! I was a bit unorganised with Taj's basket and we did not make one during the week, so out came one of our trusty beach buckets! Keely used the one she made at pre school to collect her eggs.

As the weather was raining on and off here all morning the eggs were hidden inside. Taj was with the easter bunny the whole time she was hiding eggs. Oh I hope he does not tell everyone he saw the bunny! Taj and I waited downstairs for Keely once the house was ready for some hunting. I had the song "going on a bear hunt, going to catch a big one," in my head all morning. I knew that we were not hunting for bears, but it was in there, (thinking too much play school)!

I thought it would be nice to get the little ones a bunny for easter. But knowing too well how many fluffy bunnies one child can receive over the course of their childhood, I thought I would look for something a little different. Off I went to Madeit and I found the most adorable bunnies. The type the little ones will have forever. The Two Windmills is a gorgeous shop and she has the most adorable little gifts for your little people. I had Taj's bunny especially made for him and I had it within that same week. I love how creative people can be!

The bunnies were pegged to the clothes line on the balcony so they could not get wet and Keely and Taj luckily went onto the balcony last, so it was a nice way to end the hunt. Although eggs were popping up everywhere the whole day and with Keely and Taj only being little they were in obvious hiding spots!

I hope you are all not like me and sick of the sight of chocolate; never thought I would say that. I actually tried to have some last night, took one bite and though, 'ewwww, I have had more then enough!' I am sure I will be alright in a couple of days, just chocolate overload! Enjoy your chocolate bunnies, if you have any left!


  1. the bunnies from the two windmills are so cute! i love the last photo of the kids, they are so gorgeous hayley! xx

  2. Adorable little people and photos. The bunnies are delightful.
    I love the photo of Taj and Keely looking at each other. X

  3. I'm so glad Taj and Keely, liked them. Thanks so much for featuring them. I don't think I could squeeze in another egg, either. Have a great week.

  4. Looks like Keely and Taj had a fabulous Easter and are loving their new little bunnies (gorgeous by the way!). Hayley, I have to ask - where did you get Keely's sneakers? Loving them...!

  5. What a fun Easter! Loving those adorable little bunnies!! I am with you...I am sick of Chocolate right now...I had a little too much this Easter. :)

  6. so cute these "four" bunnies...fine that you and your family had a great time. Me and my family, too...so today its my first time online and it was great...this little WWWbreak...really...Have a lovley creative week and until then...hugs and cheers...Ines



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