Thursday, April 29, 2010

our busy weekend

Last weekend was a busy one for us, with the surfing contest on down our local beach, the food and wine festival and a surprise market on the saturday. I thought I would share the weekend with you as it was one of my favourites that I have had this year.

Keely was very sick on the Friday and the Saturday, but it did not stop us from having a nice time. We went out Saturday morning to have a coffee with my sister in law, only to find that there was a market on down the beach. I knew there was other things happening over the long weekend, but this was a surprise. A nice surprise! We managed to get a little shopping in, more browsing as we walked home with a little girl that went down hill very fast. I had to push her in Taj's pram to get home. Poor poppy.

I did manage to buy her a beautiful bracelet and also a dress for myself, which I must say I am loving. I am not one to buy clothes at markets as I have found in the past I just don't wear them after I do purchase them. However I did the old throw the dress over the clothes trick at the stall and instantly bought it. I could not see how I could go wrong with a long tee shirt style dress.

Keely had the biggest sleep on the Saturday when I put Taj to sleep. Ironically she told me she did not want to have a rest and wanted to play with her Barbies. But when I came out of Taj's room she was on the couch, with one barbie in her hand, sleeping and completely upright. The poor poppet had fallen asleep while walking the barbies. She slept for 4 hours straight, and then all night in my bed.

The surfing contest was not on Saturday, due to the beach looking like a lake! The swell was due to pick up on the holiday Monday, in which case they would have to fit 2 days of competing into one day.

On the Sunday I went back down the beach with the little ones to have a look around the food and wine fair. We just did our usual beach play and enjoyed a lovely day in the sun. The Monday for me was all about going to the food and wine fair to enjoy a glass of wine and some yummy food. I was going to be child free for a few hours, but Keely still wanted her mum. So off the girls went for some lunch with a group of friends.

The surfing was on and our beach was transformed into a huge tourist attraction. Seriously it was the busiest I have ever seen it in the 9 years I have lived here. I was loving the atmosphere and enjoying watching the surfing and eating great food with my beautiful girl and my friends.

I hope you all enjoyed your last weekend, as we are just approaching our next weekend! I am sure it will still be lovely for us. There is nothing like going for walks down the beach, no matter if there are a hundred people compared to twenty thousand. It is still our home, our backyard and I wouldn't live anywhere else. The weekends will begin to be a little different with the seasons now changing on us. The beaches are now not patrolled, the last patrol day was on the holiday Monday. It is time to pull out the gumboots and have some new weekend experiences!

For the record , the surfing was an all Aussie final and Stephanie Gilmore won.


  1. How lovely it must be to live so close to the beach. I lived in Port Macquarie during my high school years and have to say, now that I live in Melbourne I really miss the surf beaches. I live a short drive from the bay but it's not quite the same ;)
    Really hoping Keely has made a quick recovery. It's so hard to see little ones sick. Take care Hayley, Allison xx

  2. What a lovely weekend you had...minus your little one being sick...I do hope she feels better soon! It really sounds like so much fun and the delightful. I love your dress! ♥

  3. poor Keely! hope she feels better. you are doing a great job - and solo too! be proud of yourself x

    love the dress too! where do you seem to find most of your clothes? i am admiring your style ...

  4. hi Peta, thanks lovely!

    The dress seriously was a fluke, I never find things I like at markets, or more that I will actually wear after I buy it. The dress you can only buy at markets, they don't stock online, which is a bumma as I will have to hunt them down when I want more! They had short styles and some other printed dresses too. I shop at Country Road and my new one is Rittenhouse. I am lucky to stock it for the children, so I can also shop for me too. I am completely in love with everything I purchased from them.

  5. Hi

    Looks like a wonderful weekend, except for the sick little one. You are so lucky to have warm weather - I want :)

    Have a nice day.

    Hugs from Nr.5



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