Monday, April 12, 2010

craft monday: just a little

Last week was a different week for me. I had only one child and I kind of felt a little lost without my little girl. Although she does go to pre school 3 days a week, so you would assume the two extra days would not be that different. But I found there was still not that little girl to kiss good night, the little girl to have cuddles with, read to, play with, talk to and to do craft with. I really missed my Keely and I think 5 days apart was a little too much for me!

In saying all of that, I know there was one little Taj that loved having his mum to himself. He did, however, miss Keely as much as I did and this showed when she came home late Friday afternoon. The whole weekend was full of them playing and giggling with each other. There were also moments of Taj trying to assert himself and this is quite funny to watch. He is a strong little boy, in mind and in body!

This week I was going to do some painting with Taj, but to be honest with you the week went by so fast and with huge changes happening inside my home and my mum's birthday with my emotions running wild, there was not really a spare moment where I could pull out the paints and do painting with him. I even thought of doing it over the weekend with Keely, but those times with Taj awake we spent out and about. The weather was amazing and too nice to be inside doing painting! However, I did manage to do some painting with Keely while Taj had a sleep on Saturday. Well, more she did the painting, I just set the paints up and she played with her sponge stamp and created some colourful paintings. It was nice to watch her show off to me with the colours she was creating and how she could paint a flower with just using the sponge stamp. "I don't need the paint brushes mumma.... you can wash all them now!"

I know I will get around to doing Taj's first painting, it may even be this week! For now I am going to enjoy having my girl home, go with the flow this week, and continue to makeover my home. I have two little helpers this week and nothing like another trip out to Ikea!

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  1. So much fun.Great and i can believe your feelings and the lost you felt.Kids are so incredible and its always wonderful for me to look at our little one...How kind of brush is this what Keely use in her painting? Really creative family...;)...take care and have a lovley week...hugs and cheers Ines



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