Wednesday, April 14, 2010

shop talk wednesday: how do you wear it?

Today I thought I would share the images that were taken with Keely wearing her monoscope dress. This dress is my favourite piece from the winter range this season. There is always a stand out item from one of the labels and this dress is the stand out for me. I am loving the colours, the fact that they can layer the dress with pants, tights and a long sleeve tee.

Of course seeing Keely have fun modeling and striking some very random and interesting poses makes this dress look even better. I love seeing children be children, even when it comes to modeling clothes. There are times when Keely does do the very "magazine" like pose, but there are more times when she is having fun and being a child.

The monoscope dress is available in sizes 2-7 and you can also get the same knitted fabric in the babies monoscope knitted jumper.


  1. Keely is one of the best little models....she does such gorgeous little poses. The dress looks so fab on her.

  2. Hayley, you know I love this dress! I have ordered some skinny Levis and Minti jeans for Poppy to wear with it. Also wouldn't mind getting her a cool little denim jacket to go on top when she's wearing it with leggings.



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