Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shop talk wednesday: soft jammies

I have no choice this week but to talk about the lovely jammies from Polka. I captured a moment with Taj wearing his Polka jammies in a new way. He decided to play with Keely in my room and a pair of knickers. The giggles that were coming from the room were infectious, you know those real roll on the floor belly laughs? Well that is what they were doing.

I love how a simple game of swapping the knickers for each of them to wear as a hat is good enough to warrant some 'rolling on the floor belly laughing.'

The babies jammies are all in stock and are from size 000 up to size 1. They come in the lovely mauve for the girls and the blue for the boys, or you can swap them over. I personally love boys in purple. Some of you are probably thinking I have no taste, but seriously it can look nice on the right boy.

The kids jammies are not far away, they are available from size 2-7. They are not on the website yet, but you can email me if you would like to pre order a pair. They are super soft and come in the blue and mauve like the babies, with white tops and some special embroidered detail.


  1. I seriously doubt anyone could ever consider You as a woman with 'no taste'! Gorgeous jamis & baby inside them :)

  2. What else to do but laugh when there's knickers on your head? I love those jammies. So cute. Repeat to self: no more baby clothes. (At least for a little while...)

    PS. The purple carrots are from Harris Farm. xx

  3. did they fix those ever-so-short sleeves?? if so, I might try again :) i love them!

  4. Hi Peta, oh yes they have fixed the problem and are making all new tops to go with the pants! They are doing plain white with embroidered detail. I am waiting on final eta, but I will email you directly and let you know.

    talk soon!



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